Saturday, June 02, 2007

Voting is now underway in the Awards

Voting has now closed.

The Freepolls for each category are now slowly being posted and the hyperlinks below will take you to the category you wish to vote in:

1 Best Britblog or Column

2 Best North American Blog or Column

3 Best Blog or Column outside North America and the U.K.

4 Best Fisker

5 Best Ranter

6 Best Political Blog or Column

7 Best Blogpower Blog or Column

8 Best Layout and Style

9 Best Blog Name

10 Best Little Blogger [i.e. under 100 uniques a day]

11 Most Articulate Wordsmith

12 Most Under-rated Blog or Column

13 Most Over-rated Blog or Column

14 Most Politically Incorrect Blog or Column

15 Most Sadly Missed Blog or Column

16 Most Consistently Entertaining Blog or Column

17 Prettiest or Tastiest Blog or Column [refers to food or domestic bloggers]

18 Award for Services to Blogging

19 Best Post of All Time


PinkAcorn said...

I'm trying to nominate Sicily Scene for best Blog out of N. America and U.K but I guess I'm too computer illiterate. Can you do that for me? Thank you, Marlene

james higham said...

I've done it, Marlene.

People, comments are closed off here but are on - on the Working Blog [2].

Daily Referendum said...


Is there a guide to voting anywhere?

1) Can you vote for multiple people in one category?

2) Can you vote for one person more than once?

3) Can you vote for yourself?



james higham said...

It's at the head of each poll, Steve.

mutleythedog said...

A stupid and unpleasant provocation has been made on my blog. Please take a look and see what you think.