Saturday, June 02, 2007

6 Nominations so far for Best Political Blog or Column

Updated 08:20, London time, Wednesday

These are the final results. The ten top nominations will be placed in a Freepoll today, in alphabetical order. Some URLs might be missing from 11 onwards below:

1] Stumbling and Mumbling[8]

2] UK News and Politics[8]

3] Iain Dale [7]

4] Not Saussure [7]

5] Bel is thinking [6]

6] Daily Referendum [5]

7] Pickled Politics [4]

8] Blairwatch[3]

9] Burning our money[3]

10] A Mama's Rant [5]


Paul Linford [3]

Ben Brogan [3]

A Tangled Web [2]

The Last Ditch [2]

Tony Sharp [2]

EU Referendum[2]

Crushed By Ingsoc [2]

Pommygranate [2]

Devil's Kitchen [2]

Praguetory [2]

Dizzy Thinks[1]


Nadine Dorries[1]

Global Warming Hysteria [1]

Adam Smith Institute [1]

Samizdata [1]

Pommygranate [1]

Nosemonkey [1]

Trixy [1]

Laban Tall [1]

Neuearbeitmachtfrei [1]

Criticalfacultydojo [1]

Shuggy [1]

Mr Eugenides [1]

Tao of Defiance [1]

Michael Totten [1]

Bill Roggio [1]

Lord Nazh [1]

The Last Ditch [1]

Cityunslicker [1]

Hells-handmaiden [1]

Our Kingdom [1]

Benedict White [1]


Anonymous said...

Strange choices!
The "House of Dumb" closely followed by "The Grey Monk" are the two finest blogs currently.

Anonymous said...

why no guido here?

james higham said...

We can only go on nominations received, unfortunately.

Anne-Marie said...

I had no idea my blog, A Mama's Rant, was a political blog. It's more of a mommy or writer's blog.

james higham said...

Anne-Marie - your supporters see it as such and a good blog it is too.

Austin kahn said...

I am not agree with any of them


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