Saturday, June 02, 2007

7 Nominations so far for Best Blogpower Blog or Column

Updated 11:22, London time, Wednesday

These are the final results. The ten top nominations will be placed in a Freepoll today, in alphabetical order. Some URLs might be missing from 11 onwards below:

James Higham[11]

Central News [8]

The ThunderDragon[5]

Shades of Grey [5]

Chicken Yoghurt [4]

As a dodo [4]

Westminster Wisdom [4]

Not Saussure [3]

The Last Ditch[3]

Mutley the Dog [3]

Pub Philosopher[3]


Adelaide Green Porridge Cafe [2]

Bel Is Thinking [2]

Sicily Scene[2]

Havering On [1]

Tao Of Defiance [1]

Pommygranate [1]

Lord Nazh [1]

Zaftig [1]

There was a comment on here earlier and I've now removed it as I thought it had been misinterpreted. I've explained this in the comments section below.


youdontknowme said...

keep yourself in. I think it would be less believable if I came top.

Delicolor said...

I agree you should stay in- it is not as though your blog is pants or anything.

I don't think it is necassarily the best, but then again, I don't think mine is either. It depends on what your definition of best is.

Once firmly shortlisted, I think that perhaps the ranking should be taken out as it will now be superfluous one we agreee the noms are fine. Alphabetical order, perhaps?

Ian Appleby said...

As Delicolor says, what do we mean by "best"? I think for consistency you'd have to recuse yourself from every category you're nominated in, which clearly makes no sense. Bear in mind your - nobly expressed - revised thoughts about the lack of control over what supporters of a given blog might choose to do, and stay in.

ThunderDragon said...

You should definitely stay in there, James!

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I understand your concern, but the voting system is transparent and fair.

There has been no suggestion otherwise.

If you stand down, we shall spoil our ballot papers.

james higham said...

The reason I've removed the comment from the post is that I think it might have been misinterpreted.

I assure you there was no arrogance in it - quite the opposite. People e-mailing nominations to me are, to an extent, going to include me and I knew the result in this category was inflated.

Once the closed voting started, against our heavyweights, it seemed to me that Colin might make a better fist of it than I - as Ian says above, my blog is not the best.

Now it's all academic anyway but thanks for your comments.