Saturday, June 02, 2007

16 Nominations so far for Most Consistently Entertaining Blog or Column

Updated 13:10, London time, Wednesday

These are the final results. The ten top nominations will be placed in a Freepoll today, in alphabetical order. Some URLs might be missing from 11 onwards below:

1] My Marrakesh [8]

2] Wife in the North [7]

3] Bryan Appleyard [6]

4] Rilly Super [6]

5] Flying Rodent [5]

6] Iain Dale [5]

7] As a dodo [5]

8] Adelaide Green Porridge Cafe [5]

9] This is Your Captain Speaking [5]

10] Mr Eugenides [4]


Mutley the Dog [4]

The Spine [4]

All About My Movies [4]

Chris Dillow[3]

Croydonian [3]

The Englishman [3]

Sicily Scene [3]

All About My Movies [3]

Chipen Dale's Diary [3]

Scary Duck [2]


Trixy [2]

The Last Ditch [2]

Shades of Grey [2]

James Higham [2]

Cute Overload [2]

Finding life hard? [2]

Praguetory [2]

Theo Spark[1]

Devil's Kitchen[1]

Rilly Super[1]

Free Man in Preston [1]

Waiterrant [1]

Confessions of a Psychotherapist[1]

Clairwil [1]

Captain Smack [1]

Political Umpire [1]

Chase Me Ladies[1]

John Hirst [1]

CalumCarr's Take on ... Whatever [1]

Tim Blair [1]

Waking Hereward [1]

The Traipsing Gypsy [1]

Flirty Something [1]

UKnewsandpolitics [1]

Cute Overload [1]

Traipsing Gypsy [1]

Liver Bird Becci [1]

Beau Bo D’Or [1]

Liver Bird Becci [1]

Benedict White [1]


The Spine said...

Don't suppose it makes a difference but I'm in that list twice, once with 3 votes and once with 1. :)

james higham said...

Sorry about that. It certainly moves you up but not exactly in. Also, I made other errors I see. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

how many times can you vote in a day from one IP address James?

james higham said...

That depends on how fast the category is moving. In Category 17, it was really movinng and I know that both ladies ahd a lot of people behind them.

That could mean every hour.

On a slower category, say Blogpower, possibly once a day. It depends how fast the category is moving.

Anonymous said...

so it's not against the rules then?

james higham said...

I'll gladly answer that if you e-mail me or else come out from behind the "anonymous" cover. Meanwhile, there's a post on the main page about it.