Saturday, June 02, 2007

3 Nominations so far for Best Blog or Column outside North America and the U.K.

Updated 08:10, London time, Wednesday

These are the final results. The ten top nominations will be placed in a Freepoll today, in alphabetical order. Some URLs might be missing from 11 onwards below:

1] James Higham [19]

2] Adelaide Green Porridge Cafe[11]

3] The Last Ditch [10]

4] My Marrakesh [8]

5] Sicily Scene[6]

6] Honeysmack [5]

7] Lady Macleod [4]

8] Jim Bliss /The Quiet Road[3]

9] Tim Blair[3]

10] This is Zimbabwe [3]



Russian Wolfhound [2]

Remittance Man[1]

Yascha Mounk[1]

Sam and the City [1]

Le Blagueur a Paris [1]

Blogzira [1]

Kitchen Connection [1]

Tao Of Defiance [1]

Gorilla Bananas (Zaire) [1]

Muchadoaboutsomething [1]

Keiser [1]


Anonymous said...

dude, Ms Smack's url is wrong.

james higham said...

So e-mail me the right one and quick!

Bogger Blogger said...

Damn, missed the noms but I'm surprised there are no Irish ones or are they incorrectly lumped in with the UK?

james higham said...

Curious anomaly, yes?

The Radical Mindset! said...

I doubt if there is blog or set of blogs about Zim from a private individual that can even nearly match my


Rev Mufaro Stig Hove

Cell: 0027-791463039 RSA.