Saturday, June 02, 2007

9 Nominations so far for Best Blog Name

Updated 11:26, London time, Wednesday

These are the final results. The ten top nominations will be placed in a Freepoll today, in alphabetical order. Some URLs might be missing from 11 onwards below:

1] The Cityunslicker [8]

2] All About My Movies [7]

3] Shades of Grey [4]

4] marymaryquitecontrary [4]

5] The Traipsing Gypsy [4]

6] Cute Overload [4]

7] Emerald Bile [3]

8] Bel Today [2]

9] Devil's Kitchen [2]

10] The Tin Drummer [2]


nourishing obscurity [2]

Chicken Yoghurt [2]

Ubermouth [2]

More to life than shoes [2]

Wife in the North [2]

Lady Macleod aka Braveheart Does The Mahgreb [2]

Chase Me Ladies[2]

Lazy Laces [1]

The Welfare State We're In[1]

What Would Tyler Durden Do? [1]

NeueArbeit Macht Frei [1]

Smaller than Life [1]

Sheik Yer'Mami [1]

Westminster Wisdom [1]

Stale Popcorn [1]

Self-Styled Siren [1]

Really Annoying Shit [1]

Strife in the North aka Rilly Super [1]

Thought Experiments [1]


Delicolor said...

James, Chase me ladies is listed twice in the bottom half. Only you will know if that will promote it into the top half or not. (I suspect not because of how low down the list it is)

james higham said...

Thanks, Ian. Now corrected.

Paulie said...

I made an argument a while ago that 'NeueArbeit Macht Frei' is the most spectacularly cretinous name for a blog.

I'd be happy to defend that position again if anyone wants me to?

Shashi kant said...