Sunday, July 28, 2013

Goodbye Blogpower

This post just reflects the fact that the reasons for having this site have passed. What was a great, small, fairly global online community, with vibrant and often intense interactions, has now done its dash. Great memories and many fantastic connections. We miss you Mutley.



Don't forget your fellow BPers staged a bloody coup and ousted the founder ,James Higham, after all the effort,time and dedication he poured into this group which turned out to be nothing but a motley crew of corrupt evil backstabbers.
Knew you guys wouldn't last without him!

Good bloody riddance to the lot of you.

jmb said...

Oh put a sock in it Uber. You have no idea of what went on so stop blathering about it. It's more than 5 years past for crying out aloud. Go get a life!


Actually I know exactly what was going on within your nasty lil group{ I was dating Bagsrants at the time who kept me abreast]. I was simply saving you the trouble of eulogizing yourself ensuring your history stayed factual for posterity. After all, the ousting of James was about the only thing you guys actually "accomplished" wasn't it?

jmb said...

Laughs uproariously!

Colin Campbell said...

Just like the good old days.

Colin Campbell said...

Hello Ubermouth. Are you real? This is.


Well,here he comes right on time, Knight Colin Campbell. ..and making such a racket-as usual. :) Is that the BP theme song? I would have thought this would have been more apropos.

I see "Grandma" JMB believes in censorship now[except when it comes to enabling the lunatic rantings of her "grandson", Damien[who still bores me with 2,000 word letters*obsessives NEVER go away,the lil'herpes boil.]]

Given you now know who your BP mole was and how I was privy to every IM, thought, word you guys burped out, don't you think it awfully decent of your Yoko Ono not to have done more than stick the odd well-earned pin in your big,fat heads?

Truth be told, the BP behind-the-scenes doings were far too salacious and insidious for the delicate interwebs , I thought it best I 'defend the blogosphere' from you.

Just let me know of any other grouplings you may create/overtake online and I'll be there with my pin.

* Oh, and as I gave Bagsrants the elbow quite a time back now, you will have to let me know who you're plotting to murder directly ,saving us the usual 5 second relay delay.

JMB- I wouldn't laugh too maniacally, I now reside in your area and may hear you,following the breadrumb trail to your house and turn up for tea.

Colin Campbell said...

Good night everyone. It seems appropriate in a way to leave the last word to that person. Just sad. Get a life.