Thursday, April 26, 2007

How to join Colin's Carnival of Cities

I just did it and it's easy:

1] find one of your posts on a city of the world - any one;
2] go over to Colin Campbell's site with the url and click on submit;
3] follow the instructions they give you;
4] take care of your other business, knowing you've done something worthwhile.

Let's get behind Colin on this.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


We have been celebrating the increasing geographical and political spread of our membership; it's my great pleasure to announce a new member who ticks both those boxes. Pommygranate is a Brit now based in Sydney, but he admits to experience on Wall Street as well. Indeed, he lost a friend and colleague in 9/11, the trigger for his interest in politics. He is Blogpower's second declared supporter of the Euston Manifesto. I hope it does not sound trite to follow those observations with a reference to his most recent post, detailing a series of recent Islamic terrorist incidents. A little further down, he suggests that England's national day should not be April 23 (which, at present, it isn't, anyway) but June 15, to commemorate the signing of Magna Carta; an event he argues we can all be justly proud of. Still further down the page, a long piece on the significance of ANZAC day stands out for its sympathy and insight, and quotes not only the moving last lines of a tribute to those who died at Gallipoli by Eric Bogle, but an equally touching epitaph from Kemal Ataturk. Pommygranate would adorn any blogroll, and we should be happy to count him among our own. Welcome aboard, Pommygranate!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Carnival of Cities

I am hosting the Carnival of Cities on April 30 and I thought it was an opportunity to showcase some of our good work. Many of us live or visit interesting urban environments and I have read many interesting articles on the Blogpower Blogs.

Carnival of Cities, like many internet schemes has many American participants. This is a chance to showcase some of our blogs to a different audience. You will see on the link, how to submit an article. In reality you are just providing the link. If you are interested, let me know this week ( I have to have it ready by next Sunday Australia Time, so that I can post on schedule. Thanks.

They are also looking for hosts, so if anyone is interested, there is a contact on their web page.

CalumCarr's Take on ... Whatever

And still they come: our most recent member is Calum Carr. I think Calum's arrival marks another important phase in the development of Blogpower; like our increasing geographical diversity, his centre/left take will help to balance the overall tilt to the right in our blogroll as it currently stands. Calum's latest post poses the question of whether we should club together to run an advert for Tim Ireland on Iain Dale's new service... The other point I take from Calum so far is further corroboration of the idea that - however misplaced - self-doubt and modesty about one's abilities make for a far pleasanter read than do bragging about the size of one's readership and the quantity (the quality be damned) of the comments they leave. We're fortunate that Blogpower members tend to err in the direction of the first flaw rather than the second. Welcome aboard, Calum!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

We gain, we lose - is culling time near?

We've gained five new Blogpowerers: Guthrum, Crushed by Ingsoc, Ruthie Zaftig, Lord Nazh and now Calum. This is great stuff and more than one commenter has noted the calibre of the bloggers who have arrived.

However, for every action, there is an eqal and opposite ... etc.

I very much fear that a few of our blogs have gone dormant. Or have died. One of our members garnered much sympathy and it's understandable why he's not blogging but at what point does a blog become 'dead'?

Should we keep that blog on the roll?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Lord Nazh

And the influx continues: today, I'm happy to announce that our blogroll is adorned with nobility, as Lord Nazh has agreed to join. His presence strengthens the North American presence in Blogpower, adding to the wide geographical spread of our membership. Promising a diet of "News and politics (to the right) and sometimes random thoughts (usually about sports)", and to my certain knowledge a confirmed sceptic about climate change, I can vouch for the fact that milord Nazh is a formidable yet courteous opponent in a debate, and I look forward to our future exchanges. Welcome aboard, Lord Nazh!

Blogpower gets a real boost this week

I have to say I'm really delighted with what's been going on here at Blogpower. Check out this post by Lord Nazh and when you're done, check out this lady, Ruthie Zaftig.

These aren't our first Americans but their agreement to join us certainly makes Blogpower more viable as a force now. On the Brit front, check out our newest members Guthrum at Looking For a Voice and Crushed By Ingsoc. Hope you don't feel neglected, boys - I suppose you were already part of us in spirit.

Do you see what I'm driving at here? All four of these are class bloggers in their own right and this is a coup for Blogpower, no mistake.

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Friday, April 13, 2007


It's been a busy week for new enrollees into Blogpower, a development I'm delighted to see. Our latest colleague is Ruthie Zaftig, a Minnesota based student journalist and single mum. There's interesting stuff all down the page, but her most recent post is too apposite to pass unmentioned: a lucid commentary on the difference between journalism and punditry, and the dangers of blurring the boundaries. It includes a clarion call for respectful debate, and the value of exposure to opposing views:

The key is balance. If you understand all the sides of an issue—all the shades of gray and varying viewpoints—you’ll be better able to defend your own.
I think that, ladies and gentlemen, is as fine a restatement of the Blogpower ethos as you'll find. Welcome aboard, Ruthie!

*Update: the title of the post now reflects the actual title of the blog in question. My apologies for the error.*

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blog Awards and Blogpower Members

One of James' motivations for launching Blogpower was his annoyance at the same old big names being nominated for, and taking turns to win, the various blog awards made each year. (I'm sure James will set me right if I've misunderstood: I can't find a specific reference this long after the event - it's been at least four months...)

So there's a certain irony in the fact that a Blogpower blog - As A Dodo - has been shortlisted for the Metro Best of Brit Blogs Awards 2007, in the political category. George and Simon find themselves in elevated company: there's a good deal of support for Iain Dale, not least among many Blogpower members. Myself, I have a great deal of time for Pickled Politics, where issues surrounding Britain's multi-cultural society are dissected with intelligence, insight and wit, not least in the lively comments threads. I doubt that there are many bloggers who have not heard of Dr Crippen's insider's take on the NHS. I don't spend much time at Harry's Place, the fifth nominee, so I'll have to leave its merits for others to judge.

There is no denying, though, that the consistently high quality and inventiveness of As A Dodo's satire makes them worthy contenders, well able to hold their own in company of this calibre, and I'd like to offer my congratulations on the short-listing, and wish them good luck for the final round. I hope it won't be seen as a detraction to say that this nomination represents some external recognition of what we in Blogpower already know: we have some real talent in our membership.

Incidentally, As a Dodo are still on their Easter break, so I don't yet know if they are aware of the nomination...

Crushed By Ingsoc

Hot on Guthrum's heels comes Crushed by Ingsoc, another very welcome addition to the Blogpower fold. Judging by the frequency with which I encounter CBI in the comments boxes of fellow Blogpowerers, it seems like a natural progression, but none the less pleasant for that, and I can even forgive the hijacking of my very own thread at Nourishing Obscurity... Now all we need to do is to sort out the music of the 1980s, and we'll have put the world to rights. Welcome aboard, CBI!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Looking For a Voice

Looking for a Voice? Well, I'm happy to announce that a distinctive one has joined the ranks of Blogpower. I'm not sure I entirely share his enthusiasm for English identity, but we have both belted out 17th century songs in our time.The Blogrolling roll has been updated, as has the HTML roll, but if you choose that option then there is a certain amount of cutting and pasting for you to be getting on with. Welcome aboard, Guthrum!