Monday, December 25, 2006

What's Going On Here, Then?

If you have come to us as a result of hearing the Tin Drummer's incisive remarks on Five Live, then welcome. He covered it all pretty comprehensively during that interview - which you can listen to again - so there's not an awful lot to add, except to reiterate that we encompass a broad spectrum of opinions, and all are welcome to take part in the project.

The inaugural post and Blogpower manifesto would be the logical starting point. If that sounds good to you, then please cut and paste the banner from that post and upload it onto your site (Tin Drummer is your contact for banner issues, and can also provide the relevant code - see the sidebar).

The blogroll contains all our participants so far, and is also available for addition to your blog - it updates automatically. Cut and paste the following code into your template, removing all white space between lines 3 and 4, i.e. the php? and the r=e55...:

<!-- Blogpower blogrolling code begins -->
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"
<!-- Blogpower blogrolling code ends -->

If you use Wordpress, Spicy Cauldron provides some useful extra info about the blogroll in the comments to this post. Once you have uploaded the banner, let me know so that I can add you to the blogroll (again, my contact details are in the sidebar).

If you have any general questions or observations, please leave them in the comments, and someone, most likely one of James, TD or myself, will be along in a while to respond. We'd also like you to use the comments to let us all know you're taking part. Don't be shy!


Fabian Tassano said...

Blogpower is a great idea, well done James. I've just signed up, and am very pleased indeed to be a member of such a distinguished community. Incidentally, I thought the Radio 5 interview was excellent.

And yes, kissing ass is well represented among my multifarious skill set.

Fabian ("mediocracy")

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, Ian. I didn't know the blogroll updated automatically. I put the banner on my blog and then entered the html for each blog manually as I am a technical idiot and, although I registered some time ago with blogrolling and got as far as entering my links, I am too stupid to work out what I had to do next, nor did their answers to my queries help. So I suppose I have to keep updating it by hand?

Ian said...

Hi, Welshcakes. I don't quite follow how you can call yourself a technical idiot and be able to manually code the links to each blog, but we'll let that pass :). There's no reason why you have to keep updating manually, just copy and paste the code from this posting into your template where you'd like the roll to go, and remove the carriage return between lines 3 and 4. That code calls the most recent list of Blogpower links from Blogrolling, which is then displayed dynamically on your page, there's nothing further you need do. It is possible to display the same blogroll on more than one blog.

It's bad form that Blogrolling won't respond to your enquiries. If what I've just said doesn't make sense or you have any further problems, please feel free to ask me, either in these comments or via e-mail - you'll find my address in the sidebar.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Thank you, Ian. I will try tomorrow.

MuseinMeltdown said...

I am impressed with the concept of Blogpower as well as the quality blogs - please could you add me to your blogroll - I have already added your code to my site and would love to feature your project on our website..

Best wishes
Shani Hubble

my blog is

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Blimey! It worked first time! Thank you, Ian and James, for your clear instructions.

Ian said...

Shani, thanks for your kind words, and welcome aboard. If you could find some space somewhere for our banner, that would be appreciated.

Welshcakes, pleased it worked!

Tony said...

Greetings all. I am taking part and as per Ian's request I am declaring my support here. Good luck.

james higham said...

Thanks, Tony. The honour is ours.

[You do realize, don't you, Blogpowerers, that we have here one of the major bloggers in a different guise.]

The As A Dodo Team said...

This is a great idea. Is there any chance of creating an "associate" level of blogpower for those of us who can't commit to ten posts a week? The way works we try for 3 spoof obituaries in any normal week, which falls way short of the standard blogpower requirements but we'd love to pitch in if poss.

Ellee said...

Hi, I've just played this and it was excellent, well done Tin Drummer.

james higham said...

Hello, Ellee. Yes it was good. Dodo, welcome aboard, get the banner and the blogroll and get going. 10 posts is like the Ten Commandments - something to look up to but few can achieve it.

ThunderDragon said...

Like James says, 10 posts a week is an aspiration - sometimes I make it, sometimes I don't.

Certainly before I was a blogpowerer, I rarely made ten posts a week (and was almost on the verge of giving up all together) but then Blogpower gave me the will to carry on - and made it far more interesting at the same time!

Through Blogpower I came across so many excellent blogs that I had either never come across before, or never had the will to fully investigate, that it gave me an brand new start in the blogosphere!

(note to self: write this up in a proper post in the new year!)

The As A Dodo Team said...

Thanks James ... As A Dodo is now fully signed up! It's a great project to start the New Year with.

puddlejumper said...

Hi everyone.

To anyone I've not got round to yet I'm puddlejumoer and I have a wee news blog over on wordpress.

Thought some of you might be interested to see what happens if you try to take on one of the big American blogs by yourself.

Have a look here