Friday, December 15, 2006

[blogrolling] three issues

These are the three main issues which have been brought up by fellow bloggers:

] Why are some people in the Blogrolling and others in the html? Answer - I haven't had time to transfer all to Blogrolling yet. Simply that - work pressures are fierce just now and there are no spare minutes. Secondly, I don't understand the system at all. [Help is further down in the post.]

] How do I load the banner to my site [or I tried to load it and it doesn't work]. Answer: I can send you the code direct if you e-mail me.

] How do I get a piece of code to put on my site which will reflect the changing blogroll as people join? Answer: hold fire for now - help is on its way this evening.


Ian said...

I certainly hadn't meant to hint about anything other than my willingness to create an automatically updating blogroll. Ah, well...

If the code below does not work, please let me know: imaginedcommunity and are the vital parts of my e-mail address. I should be able to respond to mails later this evening, and may even get around to posting the roll on my site pending admin rights here. There are 20 members so far, please let me know if I have inadvertently missed you off, or you would like to be included.

Cut and paste the following into your template:
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Ian said...

If your browser makes comments appear in a pop-up window, make sure you copy the whole code, it should end with </script> Maximising the comments window should make this clearer.

William Lovett said...

Great work, I've added that to my site.

Gracchi said...

Its on. Cheers for the code- makes things much easier does it update automatically.

Andy said...

Thanks for the code and I thought I should add, for WordPress users, there's always the option of creating a dedicated page for this blogroll if the thought of acres of screen space being taken up over time fills you with horror. I've now got the badge sitting on the left-side of every entry on my blog and in addition to my own personal links page, I've got a dedicated 'defending the blog' page which links from my site's bottom navigation bar to the blogroll, with an explanation of what it's all about.

This means the blogroll can grow large, will still get a high profile AND be easily accessed.

james higham said...

Boys, I'll get down to the admin tomorrow morning - Tuesday. Glad you're in.

Liam Murray said...

Thanks for the code - any idea how I go about formating the font/layout etc. of the blogroll...?