Wednesday, December 20, 2006

BlogPower on Radio (Again)

Interview is done! I spoke to Chris Vallance by long distance from BBC Radio Gloucester studios.
It was about 20 minutes and I tried to mention as many blogpower guys and gals as possible, gave the url of defenfingtheblog, mentioned the diversity of blogpower, and the email address of the admins, and apologies in advance if I've attributed a post/worldview/point of view to you erroneously.

It's going to be broadcast on Christmas Day it turns out but Chris said he would try to edit it asap and send it to me as an mp3 which we might be able to put up here beforehand.


Ian said...

Good on you,TD. If you do get the MP3 in advance, let us know. If not, what's the name of the programme to be broadcast? Thanks for organising this.

The Tin Drummer said...

That's ok. I probably have made a few errors - like saying that Matt's blog was a bit like mine without noticing the massive and detailed discussions he has had on it and on others - hope he doesn't take offence.

I guess the main thing is I mentioned blogpower early and often.

If I do get the mp3 I will do my best to upload it here.

james higham said...

Great - top job, TD. Now we're cookin' with gas.