Thursday, May 31, 2007

Categories - current state of play

Please look in the comments section for the current state of play on categories ...


, June 1st, 21:00, London time:
categories are posted for your perusal and comment, strictly for 24 hours.

Saturday, June 2nd, 21:00, London time: Final categories are posted and Nominations invited for each category. Meanwhile we advertise the awards.

Tuesday, June 5th, 21:00, London time: Nominations close.

Wednesday, June 6th, 21:00, Freepolls for Voting are posted at Blogpower

Wednesday, June 13th, at 21:00: Freepolls are closed and results are readied for posting, although these will be patently obvious from the running tallies anyway.

A.S.A.P: Final results in each category are posted.

Pommygranate - how much longer?

Pommy, when's it going to finish? When can we stop going over and voting everyday?

To the rest of us - he's almost got it now. Let's do it till the bitter end.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pommygranate is in the last stretch

Pommygranate actually seems to have taken the lead in the Aussie poll [104] over his next rival [89].

Colin Campbell and the Englishman - I can't find any link to vote in their poll. Wish they'd tell me.

So, as Pommy's the only live "awarder" we know of at this moment, slip over, if you would and place a vote for him.

Colin referred to "vote stuffing" and he's right in one sense but in another, one plays the game according to the rules and if the rules allow you one vote a day, we'd be crazy not to do it.

Anyway, my vote today's been placed.

Now, I simply didn't know about Colin and the Englishman so I think we need some sort of central blogger who collates and announces these things. If you are in an award, simply contact him. What do you think?

Mutley's our Birthday Officer, Tom's the pageflakes man, Ian, Tin Drummer and Lord Nazh have their jobs and the Thunderdragon is our technical officer so would someone be willing to act as Central Clearing Officer for those in Awards Competitions?

Duties would be to simply have an e-mail to where anyone currently in an award can write and then the CCOAC announces this on Blogpower and we advertise it on our sites. This is what Blogpower is - using the combined strength of little bloggers to make a big difference.

By the way, Mutley, may we post your e-mail in the sidebar here for people to contact you with birthdays?

Annual Blogpower Awards 2007

as known as

Credit where Credit is Due

Nominations are being invited for Categories on which we'll run the Awards. To nominate a category, simply comment below or or e-mail James directly: jameshighamatmaildotcom .

Credit where Credit is Due, and that's what we're attempting.

Now, here's the thing:
You can nominate yourself!
This is vitally important because:
Wishing and hoping and 
thinking and praying, 
planning and dreaming
each night of being nominated
that won't get you into this Awards, 
so if you're looking to find votes
you can see, all you gotta do, 
is nominate, participate, and love the Awards
and show that you care ...
[apologies to Dusty]

Categories so far:

Shameless self promotion award [nom. by Crushed By Ingsoc]

Some bloggers make us think, others make us laugh, others touch us. I don't read the ones who simply annoy. [nom. by Crushed By Ingsoc

Best Welsh Blog[nom. by Finding life hard?]

Let's be girly and have 'Prettiest', 'Tastiest', 'Unintelligible'[nom. by Finding life hard?]

What about biggest moaner award? [nom. by youdontknowme]

How about 'Most Likely To Rant'? [nom. by ThunderDragon]

How about having enough of phoney pre-pubescent language as practiced on TV and radio? [nom. by bernard]

1) Best Post

2) Best Blogger

3) Best Fisker

4) Best Ranter

5) Best Post

6) Most humorous post

7) Best prose

8) Best swearer

9) Sadly Missed

10) Services to blogging

11) Worst Blogger

12) I like the idea of Shameless Self Promotion[nom. by Reactionary Snob]

Best blogs by country (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, America, Ozzie, Russia etc etc) [nom. by Reactionary Snob]

'Blogger we feel most sorry for'[nom. by Liz]

"Best Award Scheme" [nom. by Imagined Community]

How about an Awards Ceremony in London? [nom. by Pommygranate]

UPDATE: Some more from my site: CityUnslicker said…

weirdest blog

most worthy blog

best style

best template

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

That's it - we've had enough!

Ladies and gentlemen, some of us have had enough of it! Do you remember this, the reason why we formed in the first place?

So, time to do our own and there's a Cunning Plan:

The Annual Blogpower awards

Let's make them scathing as well as sycophantic. Let's run the whole gamut of categories we could vote for on someone - best "animal blog", "blog with the shortest posts" and so on. Let's think big and include the MSM in this thing. Let's allow everyone, not only Blogpowerers, to join in. Blogpower will just be the host.

So, here's the agenda:

1] One of us - me - cobbles together possible categories this week, based on either your suggestions in Comments or by e-mail to james higham at mail dot com. [Some people prefer to e-mail their thoughts.]

This plan of categories is presented in a new Blogpower post this Friday evening, June 1st, 21:00 London time, for your perusal and comment strictly for 24 hours.

2] On Saturday evening, June 2nd, at 21:00, London time, the categories are then presented in concrete at Blogpower and nominations invited for each category.

Nominations are welcome from the whole sphere, based on either your suggestions in comments or by e-mail to james higham at mail dot com. Anyone, not just Blogpowerers, are invited.

Each of you put something on your site [including all our non-BP friends out there] advertising that we are accepting nominations for one week, until the following Saturday evening. We must show we are not a closed shop - that this is the only truly international representative poll of its kind.

3] Nominations close on Saturday evening, June 3rd, at 21:00, London time and James gets down to work preparing a series of separate freepolls, inviting the whole sphere to vote.

4] On Sunday, June 4th, at 15:00, these freepolls are posted at Blogpower and then we'd like an onslaught of advertising on your sites, inviting everyone to come in and vote. I'll e-mail all my contacts to vote and hopefully you'll do the same.

5] On Sunday, June 11th, at 15:00, the freepolls are closed and I spend my last free Sunday, before my personal blog hiatus, writing up the results for posting, although these will be patently obvious from the running tallies anyway.

That's the plan to break the secretive pre-selection and non-representativeness of the usual Blog Awards and Top 100 lists. Your comments are invited.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Vote Pommygranate, Colin and the Englishman

Pommygranate's in some sort of antipodaean blogpoll just now. Could you get over there and give him a click?


I think I've made a huge mistake here and misled everyone. You see, late last evenng, very tired, I went over to Pommygranate and there was a beleagured appeal. I didn't check it through but immediately saw one of our Blogpowerers in trouble, clicked on his link and saw him in a list and no one else we knew.

Hence the rallying cry to vote for him.

However, this morning I was posting on Blogpower, scrolled down and saw this on Colin Campbell's post:

Featured this time are Pommygranate and myself, along with some other Bloggy Aussies and the Englishmans take on nude car washes in Brisbane.

Penny dropped that perhaps this was the SAME poll as Colin and the Englishman and hence Colin's anguished:

For a libertarian, this is unmitigated ballot stuffing. That with envelopes of cash, we have the potential for a rorted election. All this in the cause of supporting our libertarian friend.

To which I, thinking Colin was only kidding, replied:

Unmitigated ballot-stuffing - all hail to corruption, Colin and I voted for him as a fellow blogpowerer, not as a Zambesi Liberation Force supporter or Golden Labrador Owners club nominee or whatever.

Now, in the light of what I know - that in this poll were also Colin and the Englishman, I'm looking for a giant hole to fall down and end my misery. Oh, woe is me! What have I done?

OK, to repair this, I'm heading over to Colins's and the Englishman's sites now to find out how I can register votes for them.

The question is, will you join me and visit these boys and give them your vote too?


Now it gets even more confusing. Lord Nazh and Pommygranate inform us that the polls are separate and anyway, I can't find anywhere on their sites to vote for them - no link. Can someone set me straight on this thing?

Sunday, May 27, 2007


I've made changes to my blog (Lord Nazh's Daily Ramble) in hopes that people will be able to load it better.

I'm putting the update on here because some people may not be visiting me any longer :( Anyone who does go by there, let me know if it is faster (if the title pic hasn't changed, you may need to refresh the first time).

The changes are about all I can do to speed things up, unless anyone has suggestions. Thanks.

Monday, May 21, 2007

To Lord Nazh

E-mail me please. We have to blogroll two people and your e-mail has gone missing plus your comments are off and you've stopped blogging.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Carnival of Australia (Updated)

Update: The Carnival is up, despite Blogger swallowing it at the 80 percent stage, my first major blogging melt down. Now I know what it is like James (and others). Featured this time are Pommygranate and myself, along with some other Bloggy Aussies and the Englishmans take on nude car washes in Brisbane.

I am hosting Carnival of Australia on the 23rd of May, later this week. If anyone is inspired and has an Australian angle, you can submit using the widget on my sidebar.

Just some general observation about hosting carnivals. It is a good way to drive traffic to your blog, but the effect is short, once bloggers egos have been stroked. You don't have to go and look for posts, since the links are sent to you. The mechanics of putting together the carnival if you choose to hold one are very easy, since the basic html is provided in the submission. You can make it as simple or as jazzy as you like.

Thanks Mates

The Hairy Ozzie Scot (courtesy of Ian Grey)

I laughed when I saw that on a blog when somebody had attributed something to me after Ian used that as the link.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Birthdays - Lord Nazh and Pommygranate

Gentlemen, mortified that I missed it and I'm sure others would join me in that.

Happy, happy birthdays, oldtimers [36 and 38 respectively] and hope they were good ones. Perhaps you can comment and tell us how they went.

Better still - post something on your sites [or both]. There's a piece of cake for you both over at my place.

Which brings me to the point - it's about time we had a list of people's birthdays. Would anyone act as the birthday officer and we'll send our birthdays to you? It would be better if it were other than the current admin, as we need to share the load around.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Pommygranate asks ...

pommygranate asks, at my blog …


I'd like to ask the group if anyone has found an effective way of making money from placing adverts on their blogs. i see that nearly everyone runs ads but would be intrested to see if anyone has any positive experiences from the process.

i know i dont!

So, good Blogpowerers, does anyone know of a way?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

New Additions

Two new members of BP this week: Havering On and Mutleythedog.

Havering is a gambit of ideas and posts, from PCness to tourism, you never know what his next post will be about. His latest is about the threat from a PC world.

PC is turning the whole world grey, it is making us boring and I’m bored with it! Political correctness has been described as communal tyranny, and it’s difficult to argue against the premise. But what exactly does it mean.(link)

Read it all, it's a good piece (and while you're there, read his other entries, an ever-changing list to choose from)

Mutley talks about everything from the Solar System to bears and anything in between. With the occasional NSFW picture thrown in for good measure.

Why didn't anyone think to mention that tomorrow was not Friday but Saturday?? I went to work as normal- only no one was there but an Albanian cleaner "What you doin' here man ?" said he. "Its sat day you should be hanging with your broes!!" My petrol gauge stuck at max through this pointless trip.... It has spoiled my weekend. I went home but as I had already eaten my weekday breakfast (Bran flakes) I could not then eat my weekend breakfast (boiled eggs!!) as well.(link)

You never quite know where his posts are going, just that they will be funny. Not quite the sarcasm of others, but enough to keep you giggling long after you close the page.

Finally I've created (modified actually) a banner for this site (I currently use it on my site also) and for anyone that wants to use it. You have to put it right after the body tag in your html.
< type="text/javascript" src="">< /script>

(remove the spaces between '<' and script)
< type="text/javascript" src="">< /script>

(again remove the spaces) Remember, the body tag is already in your html, you will only add the script.

*Update** add the word script after the '<' in the above scripts, blogger doesn't like to show that.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Too many things all at once. Plead pressure of work.

1] Mutley the Dog is now one of us [what a coup] but we need to get him blogrolled a.s.a.p.;

2] Lord Nazh has a great banner for us to use both here and for you to put on your site;

3] Colin Campbell, of Adelaide Green Porridge Cafe, had an excellent Carnival of Cities.

I'll get on to these things now.