Wednesday, October 29, 2008

French appeal to the ref over Agincourt -- Critical Faculty Dojo

I find revisionist so-called 'historians' truly incredible.

Now it seems they have set their sites on Agincourt of all things.
The fact is the French were thrashed by a numerically inferior force, thanks to a large extent to the longbow and the trained English archers who used it to such effect.

Apparently French revisionists are trying to excuse the defeat by claiming the poor French were the outnumbered underdogs and the English 'war criminals', though there is nothing to suggest the English violated the rules of war that existed at the time. Talk about sore loosers…

The documentary evidence in favour of the accepted versions is pretty solid. Maybe they should concentrate on finding the historical equivalent of the urban myth.

Posted by Phil A. at Critical Faculty Dojo.


Anonymous said...

Whatever the historical truth, they are on a hiding to nothing given that they are up against Shakespeare's account. I visited the Macbeth family residence and they are still smarting at the way their ancestor is portrayed. They might as well give up and carry on selling the souvenirs to the tourists - a business that the Bard made for them. Shakespeare trumps historical truth every time.

DeeJay said...

How long do you think before we get the compensation claim?

CFD Ed said...

I didn't think of the compensation side of it.

I was too worried about the PM having to apologise to the French over it.