Sunday, September 14, 2008

Blogpower roundup - interesting first impressions

Running around Blogpower for a roundup, I've taken just seconds to gain an impression of what's interesting at various sites this week. They say first impressions count, but it's always worth taking more time to get a better understanding of any person or place, so please explore these posts at your leisure.

It is hard to think of New York without immediately recalling the sights of 11th September 2001 and Devonshire Dumpling at NoClue marked the 7th anniversary by remembering the survivors and those who lost their lives - although she notes most people just treat the day as normal. Which is perhaps the best response to such terrorist attacks.

Theo Spark who might normally be judged for his eye for the female form, marked Thursday by one simple post.

Leaving Mutley to promote the male perspective on life – now what impression do these rules give? Well if women are from Venus, then Crushed by Ingsoc gives an impression of life on Mars in 3 parts.

Some female impressions of life this week include Gracchi's long look at Gone with the Wind summing up its appeal with the observation that a struggle impresses, Ruthie at Zaftig struggles with her impressions of an expected visitor and Braveheart gives a fascinating insight into a visit to the hammam.

Sally in Norfolk is sooo excited about picking up her new car two weeks earlier than initially promised by the dealer – let’s hope her first impressions last (and that she finds reasonably priced car insurance for her son).

Thunderdragon rages about the way in which some people increasingly jump to label others as paedophiles - in this case, on the basis of unsubstantiated, anonymous claims, which the "accused" must then seek to disprove. Matt Wardmann Wire terms the trend to accumulating such "evidence" as data rape.

Never trust a hippy is annoyed by lovey actresses who stereotype working class women on screen. Letter from a Tory berates Harriet Harman for a speech making stereotypical statements about background whilst ironically stereotyping the minister by noting she is the niece of the Countess of Longford and attended one of the country's most prestigious private schools.

Also on the topic of judging politicians Ordovicius comments on the pig and lipstick simile. The Tin Drummer has an interesting reflection on how politicians seek to convey impressions of themselves and their rivals, how this relates to blogging and mainstream media and the impact of all this on Gordon Brown. Mind you, Bel returns from a blogging break to find her impressions of UK politics haven’t changed much.

Norfolk blogger provides some free PR advice to Nick Clegg in respect of impressions the Lib Dem leader has given of schools in Sheffield. Bill Quango MP cleverly twisted the scientific news of the week at Cern into a dig on the scientific exploits of "Professor Brown". (Update: As a dodo has a great take on the end of the world)

Bearwatch offers instant advice on making investments - the way to make a fortune this week is to buy gold. We may need this expertise since Looking for a Voice tracks back how the taxpayer will pick up the tab in the XL travel firm’s collapse (as we will for the government's energy package too - as I noted).

Andrew Allison sticks up for junior doctors with a post that seems to prove bullying hospital consultants are more than just a stereotype. Ian at Question That reveals how breaking the law may depend on who you are, as climate protestors caught red-handed in the act of vandalism walked free from court.

Stereotypes of the paralympics might lie behind the media's shocking lack of coverage of the participants' success, so Question That offers much needed praise at a time when there's ongoing hype for the able-bodied Team GB athletes who are busy increasing their earning power as minor celebrities all over the mainstream media.

Media stereotyping of missing adults and children led to Ellee Seymour starting her marvellous focus on the topic last year and she continues this by highlighting reports of the hopeful finding of a young girl who disappeared in Italy four years ago.

Nobody important takes impressions of the term “grass widow” and explains its real and many meanings. Linguistic musings are offered by Welshcakes regarding impressions of evolving language, particularly when that involves English words encroaching into Italian.

Finally Adelaide Green Porridge Cafe and Liz at Finding life hard? marked their 2,000 blog posts this week - many congratulations to them both. And if you want to know what impressions your blog is creating, Café Grendel ponders the blog template, leaving Sally in Norfolk to reveal all with a wordle.

Round-up by Heather Yaxley of Greenbanana.


Anonymous said...

Yay - two links! Thanks.

Great round-up :-)

jmb said...

Great roundup Heather, fantastic job. You have highlighted some I seemed to have missed this week so I will be checking them out. Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

An excellent round up. I know how hard this is.. so well done!

Bill Haydon said...

Yes, excellent work, and not just for the link. How people are able to distil so much stuff is just amazing.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Yes, excellent and I am honoured to be included.