Saturday, June 16, 2007

Shopping for the Awards Ceremony

Two of Blogpowers favourite bloggers are Ellee Seymour and Welshcakes Limoncello. Those of us plotting in Second Life for the Awards Ceremony are concerned they may not brave the new frontiers of technology to be with us. We have sent James as an emissary and we are sure he will use his charm. However, I can be sneaky when I want to. I have my own plans.

Tonight, Notsaussure and I took Ruthie Zaftig shopping. She had already bought her Awards Ceremony dress but I decided she needed some shoes. Why? Well I was brought up with two sisters, have two daughters and have been married for some decades. I know a little about women.

My goal? These photos. I know that when Ellee and Welshcakes know there are designer shoes to be bought in Second Life and Award Ceremony outfits to be thought about long and hard, they will want to get in there.

Ladies, these photos are for you.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic work there!

Sadly, having checked our timetables it turns out that all at Dodo Towers will be in transit at the time of the awards ceremony and unable to attend. (This is a particularly annoying discovery having spent a couple of hours researching the possibility of putting together a Dodo avatar).

Many apologies to all and best wishes to all who will be able to attend. If all goes well perhaps we can arrange another virtual get-together.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

As I said over on your blog, Tom, you do understand us girls!

Anonymous said...

Tom, what a wonderful and creative idea. I would love to join you all on July 1st, but I try and steer clear of blogging at weekends and spend time with my family. And as that weekend we have a family birthday, the chances are I will be out all day. Good luck, and do have lots of fun.

lady macleod said...

I certainly know who to ask as to where to find Fifth Avenue, BelAir, or the Avenue Montaigne, of Second Life! Well done indeed.