Saturday, May 24, 2008

Important Issues

We apologize for the delay in addressing some of the issues which arose recently in the mailing list, surrounding the vote for membership for acceptance of some new blogs.

It seemed to Ian and JMB that there was some considerable support for a limitation on the number of members in Blogpower from those who spoke up and obviously this has to be put to a vote of the general membership. Something that also ties into this is establishing who are the current members of Blogpower.

Since the beginning of the year we have had some formal resignations but while others did not officially resign we are not sure that they are still members since they are not displaying either the banner or the blogroll in their sidebars. So we have decided to include in the vote for limiting the membership a request for a reconfirmation of membership, so that we can reconcile the blogroll with the actual membership. We will not remove anyone who does not contact us for the moment, since we want to be sure that we reach everyone, including those who are not on the mailing list and not everyone has an obvious email address, but we do hope to catch everyone with this.

We would also hope that the membership would agree that anyone who has been a member of Blogpower could rejoin on application without another vote required. So if we were to decide on a restricted number of members it could be merely a guideline, since we might have more than that number at times. Should there be a decision to restrict it to a number lower than the current we would not accept any new applications until the number had dropped to that level.

A voting form will be sent to all members in a few days time. We encourage you to discuss this on the Yahoo groups mailing list for Blogpower since comments will be closed on this post.

Some members have not joined the mailing list and we encourage those who have not to register with Yahoo Groups and follow the link below and ask to become a member. You will be confirmed as soon as possible so that you can take part in the discussion.

Link to Blogpower Mailing list