Wednesday, May 07, 2008

News on the Blogroll Front

You may have noticed that Thunderdragon has redesigned his blog and moved to Wordpress. In doing so he found that our blogroll now works with Wordpress, probably as a result of their recent update which is excellent news. He also has used a different code which actually shows the names moving upward continuously. This code allows for a change in width and height and also background colour and the scroll speed. You can see it by clicking the link above to his blog.

I played around with it on my practice Blogger blog, Somebody Important, where it works but I could not find a great colour to change to. Probably because I didn't know what colours were available. I tried red and blue but they did not look good, so for me that needs further exploring. However what I did do, which I quite like, is I combined the clickable small BP banner and this moving blogroll into one page element. You can see that by clicking on my link above. So that's another possibility which is probably best with the no-colour background that I am using there.

If you are interested in this new code please contact me or Ian Grey or Thunderdragon.

This is crossposted in the mailing list.

Update: Thanks to Ian, we now have an option with a border which also appears on my practice blog and I have found a suitable background colour. Could be tweaked a little more I'm sure.


DeeJay said...

I like that result.
Can I have a copy of the code please?

One additional effect that would be nice if anyone can do it would be for the scrolling to pause when you hove the cursor over it which would stop the need to 'chase' the title url that you want to click on :-)

jmb said...

Yes, Deejay, that would be nice if it would stop. Needless to say I don't know how to do it. I'll send you the code if I can find your email.