Thursday, May 29, 2008

Important Vote ---Ballot form on its way

For those not on the mailing list this is to notify you that we are conducting an important vote within Blogpower during the next week. It concerns the issues in the post below plus several more raised in the discussion on the mailing list. You should receive an individual email immediately which includes the form and using the reply function you will easily be able to fill in your preferences and send it back to be tallied.

Please let me know if you do not receive the form and I will send it to you immediately.


Baht At said...

It seems that I have been prevented from contributing to the debate by some control freak removing my right to post to the mailing list.

I always thought Ian Grey was too much of a control freak to be allowed to control the method of debate and was proved right when he ejected the founder of blogpower by his highhanded banning of James from the mailing list.

jmb said...

Baht At, I don't believe that this is true. I have just looked and you are not removed from the list or moderated in any way that I can see. There have been no messages bounced by you nor awaiting moderation.
Please try again and if you do not succeed send them to me and I will post them.

Baht At said...

well it seems one of the messages that didn't get through is that the stupid system won't let you post via an email reply except from the yahoo mail address you used to register.

However the second I posted yesterday was definitely via the web

Oh well since it's working now we'll say it was due to either my incompetence or some failure of yahoo and absolve Ian of all blame other than for setting up the bloody stupid system in the first place.

Anonymous said...

How would you know that you had not received the post - if you had not received the post asking you if you had not received the post?

I just wondered....

jmb said...

Mutley, don't try to confuse me. This means if you read it here and did not receive an email from me since I sent it individually to everyone whose email I knew, contact me. 66 sent in all but maybe I missed someone!
Thank you for replying so promptly.

Anonymous said...

Well mine must have got deleted along with the rest of the accumulated blogpower digests that I dont read on an email that I dont use regularly.

I don't like the mailing list thing. The Yahoo group format is a pain, so much so that I'm commenting here rather than there.

A question: Is Bob Piper still a member of BP? There is nothing on his blog to suggest that he is.

jmb said...

Ordovicius I have replied to you elsewhere. I'm really sorry about this.