Friday, November 23, 2007

Bob Piper

Bob's now applied and for those who don't know him, our politics are almost diametrically opposed on most political but perhaps not on most social issues.

Bob Piper, Labour Councillor for Sandwell.

Politics means diddly to me in this instance because this is one of the most recognized blogs in the business and it's had it's Usmanov vicissitudes too recently. Blogpower doesn't judge by politics or religion - it judges by blog quality.

Judge for yourself, members.

Comments now closed off because there is one objection [see comments section for details].


jams o donnell said...

Yes, bring him in

Bel said...

By all means, yes. It will be good to have Bob.

Gracchi said...

Bring him in.

Matthew Sinclair said...

I'm not getting a response from his blog at the moment; his server appears to be down. Will try again in the morning.

The TPA have had some interesting run-ins with Sandwell council. Should make things interesting.

Matt Wardman said...

Yes to Bob.

Beaman said...

I like his blog. Fine by me.

Lord James-River said...

I trust that it's not breaking trust to say that there are 19 votes for Bob Piperso far and they will stand but there is now one against "any serving Labour politician", on the grounds that he is for internet censorship by definition.

As that must be construed as an objection, this comments section must now be closed off and further comments made inside the mailing list.

This will conclude at 6 p.m. London time Tuesday [our mandatory 72 hours].