Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Croydonian

One of the top bloggers in the UK sphere has graciously applied and he can be visited here:

The Croydonian

To our non-UK contingent and non-political UKers, he might be less well known but in UK political blogging, his name is a household word and I'd like to count him as a friend, if I might.

Tucked away in a barely accessible place is this link which gives you some idea - Higham being N37.

Higham's comment a year ago was "needs no introduction" but as that got me into trouble last time, how about ""quite simply one of the most informative, erudite and witty blogs I’ve come across. A man of, it would seem, impeccable taste, an eye for the absurd and always the first port of call if you wish to know about what’s really going on in the world." La Vie Est Belge

Go to it, members.


Matthew Sinclair said...

An excellent blog. Absolutely.

Matt Wardman said...


Anonymous said...

another yes

jams o donnell said...

Yes, bring him in.

Shades said...

OK by me

Anonymous said...

I support this certainly!