Friday, November 23, 2007

Blog Roundup and Newmania

Exciting times for Blogpower. Please support JMB's BP Roundup, the first from outside the UK.

Now, one of the highest profile bloggers has yielded to the persuasion of a few of us and applied:

Newmania, who needs no introduction.

Go to it, members.

OK Calum and JMB - Newmania was voted in the Blogpower Awards as one of the most missed blogs during his hiatus. He's an uncompromising conservative and needs to be understood in the same way Mutley and Theo need understanding.

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Bel said...

Re Newmania's application: Fine by me.

CalumCarr said...

"Newmania, who needs no introduction."

Yes he does! Don't presume, James.

I have just visited his blog for the first time - not my cup of tea but that's no reason to keep him out.

If my memory serves me there was a Newmania whom I have seen comment on other blogs in terms I wouldn't like to see here. Therefore, I'm on the fence until I check up on this.

jmb said...

I too am ignorant of this blogger and since there is no about section am still no wiser after a visit. He certainly seems to mix it up.

jams o donnell said...

WEll perhaps he did need some introduction! I had seen the name but I had never visited the blog.

Bring him in..

Matt Wardman said...

Yes to Newmania

Harry Haddock said...


Shades said...

OK by me

mutleythedog said...

Newman is a hero - a great man and a great writer.