Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Decision on the Matter voted on this Week

Dear Members,

Your administrators are just that - we can administer but not make the rules. The most we can do is to recommend a course to you and allow you to speak.

On this matter you have spoken.

The issue failed to become clearcut in that the optimistic requirement of 25 votes for a decision one way or the other fell short and then the requirement of 19 votes also fell just short.

On the other hand, the opinion is pretty clearcut if you view the results.

Solely on the grounds that the BNP represents a threat to the Blogpower ethos in its manner of operation and that the majority of the members voting do not wish to be associated with an organization which uses the tactics it does, a 4-1 majority of administrators recommends to the membership that Central News and UKN&P be excluded from Blogpower rolls for a period of three months, after which they may reapply as they wish and would go through the same process as any other propective member.

We also recommend that Nobody Important, also on the Pending Roll, be admitted to Full Membership henceforth.

This constitutes the first such suspension and the Administrators are well aware that it sets a precedent and that Blogpower is now navigating its way through uncharted territory.

Blogpower insists that any such banning may only be made after exhaustive process, canvassing the opinion of members and solely on the grounds that continued membership would put Blogpower itself at either some risk or at a distinct disadvantage.

The Administrators are also aware that we may well lose valuable members by this decision and that is regrettable but we also feel that it is the correct decision and that Blogpower will now be more accessible for many others who were prevented from joining.

This is the end of the matter now until the last day of September although naturally there will be comment on this post for the foreseeable future. We would ask that comment on this matter be kept to this comment thread and not spill over into others.

Thank you.


Alex said...

I have been getting your posts, but honestly I don't have time to research the history of whatever it is that is going on here. All this seems to be strung out across numerous long posts that I don't have the time to sift thorough to form an opinion. If it's possible to condense down what this vote constitutes I'd be happy to participate. Hope you understand.

ThunderDragon said...

Sorry, I've been away with no internet connection. I will read through and hopefully comment etc. properly later today.

sally in norfolk said...

only just added blogpower logo to my site....
will refrain from voting as not sure what its all about :-)

youdontknowme said...

Yeah lets move the goalposts now it doesn't seem to will get the required number.

I was in favour of one third until now because the only reason that you are doing it is to get rid of me

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I can promise that I will cast a vote before Friday, hopefully tomorrw.
I'm still weighing up both sides.

Matt Wardman said...

Just joined mailing list.

Finding about blogroll options.

I will not be voting (or commenting) on this one.

Steve said...

James, was there a post anywhere setting out the charges against Central News and UKN&P?

More people might vote if they knew what this was all about.

Lord Straf-Ruhr said...

Yes, four or five posts during the awards, together with about 80 or 90 comments from different people.

Just scroll through last months archives and it's all set out. Those involved in the Awards all know about the issues completely.

The Ego said...

James, AS youknow I was involved in votong in the awards ceremony and followed it closely. I have to admit there was alot of dodgy voting patterns ( lesser so) than the BNP party but I think the realissue should be this:
THis blog by it's party affiliations promotes and incites hate based on racism.
I have had a great deal of respect for BP ( esp wduring the voting process and the need to question if this group should be excluded.)
I Have requested permission to join blogpower, which will be retracted, as I can't in all conscience blog roll such a blog.
I am normally against exclusion but when two ideals are in conflict the one that does least harm must prevail.
I think not excluding them will lessen the respect and membership of the BP.

Anonymous said...

Ithink we should chuckout the BNP..

Steve said...

Well I've now been through the comment threads and, unless there is any substance behind the allegations of vote rigging or, more seriously, threats of violence against other members, I don't see a reason to kick Wayne out.

I had enough of 'No Platform for Fashiiists' when I was at university.

Many people's political views make me angry but I still don't claim the right to shut them up.

Lord Straf-Ruhr said...

...unless there is any substance behind the allegations of vote rigging or, more seriously, threats of violence against other members...

That's the whole point. There is substance, particularly with the latter. By the way, my own vote was split - one to retain and one to exclude.

youdontknowme said...

There may be substance of vote rigging but there is no proof that I did it.

Anyway no hard feelings to any of those that voted to exclude me. I will still be visiting a lot of your blogs.

Lord Straf-Baghdad said...

People, I'm by no means escaping the issue but it's now 12.20 a.m., my time and I have a working day tomorrow. I'm heading for bed now, sorry but will address any questions here first thing when I get up in a few hours.

youdontknowme said...

oh well. no hard feelings.

thebestnewsfirst said...

Just have one question if the vote was to exclude based on BNP membership why am I excluded? I have made it clear I do not support the BNP and I challenge anyone to show where I promote rasicm or any of their offensive politics. As the saying goes farewell to all and to all a goodnight

Lord Straf-Baghdad said...

I think we owe it to the two chaps to explain ourselves. I can only speak for myself because each had his/her own reason.

My own view is expressed in the post on my site which I didn't mention here. I was getting a fair bit of mail at that time and the one I quoted was typical.

If I had to put money on why so many voted to exclude UKN&P, it was partly on the strength of my post on him, partly the perceived irregularities and immense voting power of an ostensibly small blogger, partly the undoubted association with the BNP [though not a member] and partly a reaction against anomalies in the voting in general.

It was interesting that the moment attention was drawn to UKN&P in the voting for the Awards, the votes suddenly slowed to a trickle. Circumstantial but enough for many. In the end, I personally felt I didn't have enough to exclude him and voted for him.

Wayne, in the minds of the majority who voted, was playing games and was not being open, saying he didn't support certain positions when he was taken to task on them and then it being shown he did.

I know in the case of four people that the "they" I keep referring to was a big factor.

His endorsement of Griffin might have been a factor. With long term members, it was the ongoing drama surrounding him which tired people out though of course he never wanted that.

Colin Campbell summed up the feelings yesterday, which might explain why no one but the two themselves has commented here since the decision:

"This is just blogging. There is nothing to stop anybody visiting these blogs. Let us just move on. We are diverting energy from developing a very successful blorganisation."

In this lies part of the reason. There's a feeling, rightly or wrongly, that BP is developing into something quite interesting and some housekeeping issues needed to be sorted out [not just this BNP thing].

I think there was a feeling that members were waiting to join but couldn't. The next issue is the size of Blogpower overall.

Don't forget that this is not an expulsion - it's a suspension.