Monday, July 09, 2007

Mailing list

The blogpower mailing list is open for business. There are now 25 of us signed up. I'll list who is on at the end of this posting and update it when needed.

It is easy to join:

Technophobes: Send an email to (Put who you are in the message if it isn't obvious). I'll then activate you and you will get a confirmation back. Anything anyone sends to the mailing list arrives in your mailbox (and everyone elses).

Technophiles Register with YahooGroups and then you can make it sing and dance. To sign up and sign in, go to


Andrew Allison
Hell's Handmaiden
Crushed by Ingsoc
Shades of Grey
Visions of Bradford
Imagined Community
Nourising Obscurity
An Insomniac
Wardman Wire
As a Dodo
Mutley the Dog
Nobody Important
Sally in Norfolk
Sempiternal Horizons
Adelaide Green Porridge Cafe
Theo Spark
The Last Ditch
Lord Nazh
Heather Yaxley Green Banana
Finding Life Hard?

(This is in the order YahooGroups shows them)

Missing in action: Lady MacLeod

UPDATE: With 25 now joined, I will now stop updating this list for every straggler. There is a database at the list website- only open to registered members to prevent email harvesting.


lady macleod said...

where I don't actually qualify as a "technophile", neither am I unaware of the ways of the Force or the Internet. I have made the attempt to make Yahoo "sing and dance", a challenge those who know me are aware I could never pass up.

Should I not show up on the esteemed list, please inform me and I shall retire quietly, head down, with a single tear falling to the floor to the back of the class and enter via the "technophobes" entrance (sob).

Lady Macleod

Comte de Straf-Huguenots said...

I notice my name is not here but I did join - I promise.

Shades said...

Only the eighteen listed are registered to the list. Kady M, James, you might have registered yourself to YahooGroups but you're not quite there yet.

Lord Straf-Ruhr said...

I don't know what "almost there" means. yahoo says it's awaiting your persoanl approval to admit us to the BP list.

Shades said...

There is no-one in the pending approval list and I've not rejected anyone. (I've checked the logs).

Did you join the blogpower bondage group?