Monday, July 09, 2007

Progressive Vote Tallies

E-mail with the name of the person below and your vote. Current tally:


Retain [10]
Exclude [17]


Retain [9]
Exclude [18]



The way this thing is being done is that people e-mail me as they did in the nominations phase of the Awards, only with the person's name and one of two words - Retain or Exclude. Four things now happen:

1] I progressively add throughout the week to the closed Vote Tally post so everyone can see what's happening at any time;

2] I add names to a separate list as votes come in, listing the member and how he/she voted. This is kept as the final confidential record. At the end of the poll, at 21:00, Friday, London time, this one page list is sent to Colin Campbell, as an attachment, for confirmation that members' names do indeed match the final tallies;

3] I preserve all e-mails.

4] I assure all members who voted that their names and how they voted will only ever be seen by Colin Campbell and myself and under no circumstances will ever be divulged to a third party.