Saturday, July 14, 2007

On to the Next Issues

1 The question of Blogpower size limit - should there be a limit? Should there not? How to organize it?

2 Spoke with the other admins about this - we need Female Admins. I didn't mention it to the boys but will add it here - possibly we need non-Brits as well. We have Colin and Pommygranate, we had Lord Nazh. If you feel you could lend your name to this [duties nominal, we assure you] and you feel you're the gal [or guy] we need, there are two places going begging. So far we have:

Lord Keeper of the Rolls - Ian Appleby
Lord Keeper of the Lists - Ian Grey
Lord Keeper of the Profiles - Tom Paine
Birthdays Plenipotentiary - Mutley the Dog
Weekly Profiles Comptroller - Pommygranate
Grand Poobah - Colin Campbell
Admin-without-Portfolio - James Higham

If you would like to make up The Nine, please either write to James or post a comment here. I hereby nominate Welshcakes, Liz who finds life hard and maybe Lady MacLeod. As a quick check, this person would need to have voted this week, would have come to this or other BP sites and would be on our mailing list. In other words - interested and involved.


mutleythedog said...

I have absolutely no idea what my responsibilities involve -I really don't... I shall have sleeplessness nights... NO Wait!! I have an idea....

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I have been following the discussion elsewhere in the Yahoo groups and can see the sense in a lot of what is said there (I haven't commented there for the simple reason that the email I registered I only use for inbound mail usually, I email out on a different one)

I really hope that members do not choose to impose a size limit on BP.

pommygranate said...


BP is successful because it is a small enough size to feel like a 'club'. I wonder whether this club-like and friendly atmosphere would disappear if we had hundreds of members.

That said, i feel there is room for more than the current numbers, especially if good bloggers want to sign up.

Lord Nazh© said...


Why do we 'need' female admins? I agree that female admins would be good, those mentioned would do a great job and all that. But this talk of 'need' worries me.

Comte de Straf-Bastille said...

Very, very worried about this new trend - once again I find myself agreeing with you 100%. :)

"Need" is the wrong word.

Matt M said...

This is a fairly radical idea - but, if size becomes a problem, why not split BP into smaller units? (I've no idea what you base these units around though). The complete blogroll could be displayed on this site, and be available to those who want it. Unity of all the groups could be maintained through things like the awards and/or by having people on more than one roll - thus encouraging blogsurfing through the different rolls when you have enough time on your hands.