Saturday, July 14, 2007


Just to inform all members that Nobody Important has been added to the Full Roll, Two Wolves and Sally in Norfolk added to the Pending Roll and two others moved from the rolls for a shade under three months.

Please take a look at Two Wolves unless you've already done so. Sally in Norfolk is the anomaly here. Already in the messageboard as a member, she hasn't appeared yet on the full roll. Presume this is a formality.


Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I did check Two wolves post earlier, but his spam protection image didn't appear on my scren, so I was unable to comment!

Comte de Straf-Bastille said...

That's true - his comment system doesn't work [most annoying]. Usually I jsut post anyway then it comes up "error" and puts a number you can then include. Takes a bit of patience but it can be done.

jmb said...

Thank you, will someone send me the code for the blogroll? Am I on probation? Who's my parole officer?

Wolfie said...

Sorry about the spam check thing. I have now upgraded my wordpress and the spam-check code. All working fine now and should stay that way.

Sorry about the inconvenience.