Tuesday, May 29, 2007

That's it - we've had enough!

Ladies and gentlemen, some of us have had enough of it! Do you remember this, the reason why we formed in the first place?

So, time to do our own and there's a Cunning Plan:

The Annual Blogpower awards

Let's make them scathing as well as sycophantic. Let's run the whole gamut of categories we could vote for on someone - best "animal blog", "blog with the shortest posts" and so on. Let's think big and include the MSM in this thing. Let's allow everyone, not only Blogpowerers, to join in. Blogpower will just be the host.

So, here's the agenda:

1] One of us - me - cobbles together possible categories this week, based on either your suggestions in Comments or by e-mail to james higham at mail dot com. [Some people prefer to e-mail their thoughts.]

This plan of categories is presented in a new Blogpower post this Friday evening, June 1st, 21:00 London time, for your perusal and comment strictly for 24 hours.

2] On Saturday evening, June 2nd, at 21:00, London time, the categories are then presented in concrete at Blogpower and nominations invited for each category.

Nominations are welcome from the whole sphere, based on either your suggestions in comments or by e-mail to james higham at mail dot com. Anyone, not just Blogpowerers, are invited.

Each of you put something on your site [including all our non-BP friends out there] advertising that we are accepting nominations for one week, until the following Saturday evening. We must show we are not a closed shop - that this is the only truly international representative poll of its kind.

3] Nominations close on Saturday evening, June 3rd, at 21:00, London time and James gets down to work preparing a series of separate freepolls, inviting the whole sphere to vote.

4] On Sunday, June 4th, at 15:00, these freepolls are posted at Blogpower and then we'd like an onslaught of advertising on your sites, inviting everyone to come in and vote. I'll e-mail all my contacts to vote and hopefully you'll do the same.

5] On Sunday, June 11th, at 15:00, the freepolls are closed and I spend my last free Sunday, before my personal blog hiatus, writing up the results for posting, although these will be patently obvious from the running tallies anyway.

That's the plan to break the secretive pre-selection and non-representativeness of the usual Blog Awards and Top 100 lists. Your comments are invited.


Ian Appleby said...

"Best Award Scheme" :)

Ian Appleby said...

I like this idea a lot, James, I will try and come up with some more constructive suggestions than my first effort. I'm prone to being a bit hard-of-thinking at the moment: did you maybe want to consider making the chronology a bit easier to follow?

MJW said...

Hi, I'd like to join blogpower, I've got the banner up (thanks to Tin Drummer) and the scrolling bogroll. Can someone advise on next step (I tried emailing defendingtheblog but I'm not sure if it worked)? Ta

james higham said...

mjw, I'm sure I speak for Ian and the others - we'd be delighted to have you.

Now understand that we're very, very slack here and it might take days. If you mailed according to the sidebar, it will happen.

We're STILL waiting to confirm here our two latest and this is after a week!

Give us time.

Ian Appleby said...

MJW, you're now in, and, pending a more formal intro, welcome aboard! Welcome also to the other four new members, who also await their induction posts.

Our apologies for the delay; James calls us slack, which of course we all are in relation to his scarcely credible output, but we are all volunteers: the phrase 'in due course' is in the sidebar for a reason :)

pommygranate said...

How about an Awards Ceremony in London?

I'll be back in Blighty in mid-Jun to mid-July.

A BlogPower knees-up?

pommygranate said...

i) Funniest Blogger
ii) Most Prolific Blogger
iii) err. that's it for the moment. The creative cells arent functioning this early

james higham said...

Noted, people.

james higham said...

I an, absolutely no criticism in the comment "slack" but I really meant "easygoing", not stressed out.

MJW said...

Ian, thanks for sorting the link out (and to everyone else for letting me in), I appreciate it's all done on a voluntary basis but above all it's a great idea.

Ian Appleby said...

James, none taken, really. I'll be a better fit in your meaning once this damn deadline's out of the way...