Monday, May 28, 2007

Vote Pommygranate, Colin and the Englishman

Pommygranate's in some sort of antipodaean blogpoll just now. Could you get over there and give him a click?


I think I've made a huge mistake here and misled everyone. You see, late last evenng, very tired, I went over to Pommygranate and there was a beleagured appeal. I didn't check it through but immediately saw one of our Blogpowerers in trouble, clicked on his link and saw him in a list and no one else we knew.

Hence the rallying cry to vote for him.

However, this morning I was posting on Blogpower, scrolled down and saw this on Colin Campbell's post:

Featured this time are Pommygranate and myself, along with some other Bloggy Aussies and the Englishmans take on nude car washes in Brisbane.

Penny dropped that perhaps this was the SAME poll as Colin and the Englishman and hence Colin's anguished:

For a libertarian, this is unmitigated ballot stuffing. That with envelopes of cash, we have the potential for a rorted election. All this in the cause of supporting our libertarian friend.

To which I, thinking Colin was only kidding, replied:

Unmitigated ballot-stuffing - all hail to corruption, Colin and I voted for him as a fellow blogpowerer, not as a Zambesi Liberation Force supporter or Golden Labrador Owners club nominee or whatever.

Now, in the light of what I know - that in this poll were also Colin and the Englishman, I'm looking for a giant hole to fall down and end my misery. Oh, woe is me! What have I done?

OK, to repair this, I'm heading over to Colins's and the Englishman's sites now to find out how I can register votes for them.

The question is, will you join me and visit these boys and give them your vote too?


Now it gets even more confusing. Lord Nazh and Pommygranate inform us that the polls are separate and anyway, I can't find anywhere on their sites to vote for them - no link. Can someone set me straight on this thing?


pommygranate said...

James - fat envelope stuffed full of folding ones on its way to you, Gracchi, Sicily's finest, Nazh, Mutley (possibly), Colin, Jeremy (possibly).

The campaign is on fire!

Lord Nazh said...

Doing all I can pommy... but I'm getting these late night phone calls from the fleeced patrol telling me to stop :(

pommygranate said...

ignore him. they're now playing the race card.

Lord Nazh said...


In the carnival post, I see that CC and pommy (along with the englishman) are IN the Carnival of Australia.

I don't see where he and the englishman are in the Contest that pommy is in.

Pommgranate 16% 43
Chris Berg 0% 1
Bovination 3% 9
Andrew Norton 22% 58
The Raving Wingnut 2% 5
The Daily Constitutional 0% 1
Fleeced 11% 29
Real World Libertarian 0% 0
Jennifer Marohasy 12% 32
Double Think 2% 5
A Yobbo's View 2% 5
Institutional Economics 0% 1
Graeme Bird 26% 70
Wackingday 2% 6

Unless these guys go by different names on this poll.

pommygranate said...



It's got nothing to do with Colin's Carnival post.

Colin certainly made a fair point about ballot-rigging (though i prefer to see it as marshalling the troops), but i rather thought his post was somewhat in jest.

james higham said...

So are they separate contests or what? Now I'm really confused.

pommygranate said...


Keep voting for me tho. You can vote every day. Youve all pulled me from 4th to 2nd. Nice work!!

Lord Nazh said...

Pommy is in the lead btw

Colin Campbell said...

Completely in jest.