Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Annual Blogpower Awards 2007

as known as

Credit where Credit is Due

Nominations are being invited for Categories on which we'll run the Awards. To nominate a category, simply comment below or or e-mail James directly: jameshighamatmaildotcom .

Credit where Credit is Due, and that's what we're attempting.

Now, here's the thing:
You can nominate yourself!
This is vitally important because:
Wishing and hoping and 
thinking and praying, 
planning and dreaming
each night of being nominated
that won't get you into this Awards, 
so if you're looking to find votes
you can see, all you gotta do, 
is nominate, participate, and love the Awards
and show that you care ...
[apologies to Dusty]

Categories so far:

Shameless self promotion award [nom. by Crushed By Ingsoc]

Some bloggers make us think, others make us laugh, others touch us. I don't read the ones who simply annoy. [nom. by Crushed By Ingsoc

Best Welsh Blog[nom. by Finding life hard?]

Let's be girly and have 'Prettiest', 'Tastiest', 'Unintelligible'[nom. by Finding life hard?]

What about biggest moaner award? [nom. by youdontknowme]

How about 'Most Likely To Rant'? [nom. by ThunderDragon]

How about having enough of phoney pre-pubescent language as practiced on TV and radio? [nom. by bernard]

1) Best Post

2) Best Blogger

3) Best Fisker

4) Best Ranter

5) Best Post

6) Most humorous post

7) Best prose

8) Best swearer

9) Sadly Missed

10) Services to blogging

11) Worst Blogger

12) I like the idea of Shameless Self Promotion[nom. by Reactionary Snob]

Best blogs by country (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, America, Ozzie, Russia etc etc) [nom. by Reactionary Snob]

'Blogger we feel most sorry for'[nom. by Liz]

"Best Award Scheme" [nom. by Imagined Community]

How about an Awards Ceremony in London? [nom. by Pommygranate]

UPDATE: Some more from my site: CityUnslicker said…

weirdest blog

most worthy blog

best style

best template


pommygranate said...

i think (11)'s a bit harsh

james higham said...

Maybe, maybe. Let's see what other's think. Maybe we could call it 'most overrated blogger'.

Lord Nazh said...

Notice anything about #1 and #5?

How about best Blogpower blogger? of course the list for potential winners would be lower than the others (since the rest of the 'sphere wouldn't be included) but this is a 'for us' kinda thing eh?

Gracchi said...

How's about

Most informative blog

Best Political Blog

Best Cultural Blog

Gracchi said...

Oh and best food blog

Theo Spark said...

How about the most idiotic blog?

Matt M said...

Best blog name?

Most time spent on template design?

Slowest to load up?

Most prolific/diverse?

Gracchi said...

You could limit this to Blogpower blogs but most collegiate blogger? I think being a good and helpful blogfriend is a good thing and its something that we ought to reward alongside all the other stuff.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I was going to say "best swearer" but that's been done. What about "best coiner of new swearwords"? And "vainest"?

Not Saussure said...

Via Tim Worstall: most gracious loser in such a competition

Not Saussure said...

I'd tred posting this before, but it vanished:

Most under-rated/over-rated

Most intentionally/unintentionally humorous

Best expatriate blog (that'll cause problems!)

Popovich said...

Best Blog to make to make love to your old lady to.

Most likely to Succeed/Suck when they grow up.

Most Fatwa-worthy.

Mostly like to be under ASIO/FBI/ISI/MI5 etc surveilance.

Mostly to be a ASIO/FBI/ISI/MI5 mole.

Best transgender blog.

Most exaggerated sense of self-importance.

Biggest link-whore.

Blog you would like to take home to your mother.

Most politically incorrect.

Best Indigenous/Disabled/Retarded/Narcoleptic/Iron Deficient/Fingerless blog.

The weakest link blog.

Best death metal blog.

Blog you'd most like to see in a mini-skirt.

Blog most likely to cause unemployment to the blogger/its readers/their webserver provider/google adsense/their whole family.

Best iron crotch qigong blog.

Most likely to still be blogging 10 years from now...

Yes, I am working on the Unemployment one just now. Vote for me!

Ian Appleby said...

The most prolix and, conversely, the most concise bloggers.