Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pommygranate is in the last stretch

Pommygranate actually seems to have taken the lead in the Aussie poll [104] over his next rival [89].

Colin Campbell and the Englishman - I can't find any link to vote in their poll. Wish they'd tell me.

So, as Pommy's the only live "awarder" we know of at this moment, slip over, if you would and place a vote for him.

Colin referred to "vote stuffing" and he's right in one sense but in another, one plays the game according to the rules and if the rules allow you one vote a day, we'd be crazy not to do it.

Anyway, my vote today's been placed.

Now, I simply didn't know about Colin and the Englishman so I think we need some sort of central blogger who collates and announces these things. If you are in an award, simply contact him. What do you think?

Mutley's our Birthday Officer, Tom's the pageflakes man, Ian, Tin Drummer and Lord Nazh have their jobs and the Thunderdragon is our technical officer so would someone be willing to act as Central Clearing Officer for those in Awards Competitions?

Duties would be to simply have an e-mail to where anyone currently in an award can write and then the CCOAC announces this on Blogpower and we advertise it on our sites. This is what Blogpower is - using the combined strength of little bloggers to make a big difference.

By the way, Mutley, may we post your e-mail in the sidebar here for people to contact you with birthdays?


Lord Nazh said...

Ian: Can you set up the blogpower email to send a copy to my email? That way I don't forget to check for new people or ?'s (like I have forgotten to do so far)?

Ian Appleby said...

LN, I'll give it a go. I was in a similar position myself until MJW nudged me...

Ian Appleby said...

LN, you've got mail (I hope).

James, how would you feel about us setting up the defendingtheblog email address as the comment notification address? We could thence forward comments made to DTB by email to any interested parties.

Lord Nazh said...

Mail arrived and I replied :)