Tuesday, May 08, 2007

New Additions

Two new members of BP this week: Havering On and Mutleythedog.

Havering is a gambit of ideas and posts, from PCness to tourism, you never know what his next post will be about. His latest is about the threat from a PC world.

PC is turning the whole world grey, it is making us boring and I’m bored with it! Political correctness has been described as communal tyranny, and it’s difficult to argue against the premise. But what exactly does it mean.(link)

Read it all, it's a good piece (and while you're there, read his other entries, an ever-changing list to choose from)

Mutley talks about everything from the Solar System to bears and anything in between. With the occasional NSFW picture thrown in for good measure.

Why didn't anyone think to mention that tomorrow was not Friday but Saturday?? I went to work as normal- only no one was there but an Albanian cleaner "What you doin' here man ?" said he. "Its sat day you should be hanging with your broes!!" My petrol gauge stuck at max through this pointless trip.... It has spoiled my weekend. I went home but as I had already eaten my weekday breakfast (Bran flakes) I could not then eat my weekend breakfast (boiled eggs!!) as well.(link)

You never quite know where his posts are going, just that they will be funny. Not quite the sarcasm of others, but enough to keep you giggling long after you close the page.

Finally I've created (modified actually) a banner for this site (I currently use it on my site also) and for anyone that wants to use it. You have to put it right after the body tag in your html.
< type="text/javascript" src="http://www.lordnazh.com/libraries/blog_l_nosearch.js">< /script>

(remove the spaces between '<' and script)
< type="text/javascript" src="http://www.lordnazh.com/libraries/blog_l.js">< /script>

(again remove the spaces) Remember, the body tag is already in your html, you will only add the script.

*Update** add the word script after the '<' in the above scripts, blogger doesn't like to show that.


james higham said...

Great stuff and what a shock that it's you, Lord Nazh. Welcome indeed to Mutley and Richard.

Richard Havers said...

Your Lordship, you're too kind!

I should just explain why Havering On, especially for those not familiar with the Scots language, and no I'm not from Havering.

I was told years ago, just before being introduced to a bunch of militant Scottish engineers at Glasgow airport, who wanted to strike, that 'to haver' meant 'to talk rubbish', which very definitely put me on the back foot. I decided to confront the situation head on.

"Now, I bet you're all thinking, I wonder if he havers a lot, because I know it means to talk rubbish. One of the engineers lounging in his seat came straight back at me. "Don't kid yourself big man, it means to talk shite." Hopefully there will be no more havering on the blog than I manage to talk in real life.

Anonymous said...

Sarcasm,??? I don't even begin to try... quite honestly I have too much to put up with as it is.. especially that about 75% of my readership is gay!!! How did that happen???

CalumCarr said...

Welcome Richard and Mutley

Mutley: 75% of your readership is gay.

75% of my readership is me!!

Re the banner: I'll do without it: too bloody difficult to bother about.

Lord Nazh said...

"Re the banner: I'll do without it: too bloody difficult to bother about."

adding one line to your code :)

Ian Appleby said...

LN, excellent work. The banner is also top stuff. Thanks!

CalumCarr said...


It might only require the addition of one line of code but if I can't follow the instructions it might as well require 100 lines.

Lord Nazh said...


Yorkshireminer said...

If Hooters are what I think they are couldn't Hooters twin itself with Brest in France Bristol in England or perhaps Titz in Germany and make the whole affair more international.

james higham said...

Good point, YM and good also to see soeone blogging from the heartland.

pommygranate said...


Sorry to be a pain but how do i get the html code to include the 2 new bloggers?


Also - do you run a BlogPower weekly round-up? I notice a number of poeple run their own round-ups but is there an 'official' weekly round-up? just aksing.