Saturday, May 05, 2007


Too many things all at once. Plead pressure of work.

1] Mutley the Dog is now one of us [what a coup] but we need to get him blogrolled a.s.a.p.;

2] Lord Nazh has a great banner for us to use both here and for you to put on your site;

3] Colin Campbell, of Adelaide Green Porridge Cafe, had an excellent Carnival of Cities.

I'll get on to these things now.


Lord Nazh said...

waiting on admin ...

Ian Appleby said...

Can't a guy take a break? Anyway, it's a conspiracy: people wait until I say I'm going away for a bit, and then write in in droves wanting to join... Expect some hot blogroll action soon, and I'll try and get some welcome aboard posts up soon, too.

Ian Appleby said...

OK, Mutley's now in, and I have also added Richard Havers. There is at least one more blogger expressing an interest at the moment, as well, so busy, busy, busy, but we're happy to have them all. I will do a more detailed introduction post for both in due course.

james higham said...

Lord Nazh - now done. Sorry.

Ian - thanks. Mutley and Richard - very, very welcome.

Lord Nazh said...

I can't get it to turn off the search bar at top (only gives me options to colors, on my blog I can turn it off).

Otherwise the banner will look wierd.

Lord Nazh said...

Ok I think I have it fixed. If you guys don't like it, I've marked it in the code so it's easy to remove.

For those that want it and have a search bar, use

< script type="text/javascript" src="" >< /script >

remove the spaces

if you don't have a search bar, replace blog_l.js with blog_l_nosearch.js

Anonymous said...

I am honoured to be here-together we will change the world!!

Wait a minute - what shall we change it into???