Thursday, April 26, 2007

How to join Colin's Carnival of Cities

I just did it and it's easy:

1] find one of your posts on a city of the world - any one;
2] go over to Colin Campbell's site with the url and click on submit;
3] follow the instructions they give you;
4] take care of your other business, knowing you've done something worthwhile.

Let's get behind Colin on this.


Delicolor said...

Done. As you say, very straight-forward to do.

(I had some London treasures in an older post that were re-cycleable).

Anonymous said...

Can I join Blogpower? I think if you look at my posts you will see I will be a definite asset.

james higham said...

Mutley, it would be a pleasure and you certainly would be an asset. Follow the e-mailing in the sidebar. The only problem is that Ian, the keeper of the blogroll, is in Edinburgh for a few days.

pommygranate said...

James and all

I have a post up at Harry's Place on the BNP if anyone feels like adding a comment.


pommygranate said...


Im reading 'How To Win Friends..' now - a superb book.

Amazing how a book written over 70 years ago can be so relevant today.

james higham said...

Shall look at these and let's try to put some pressure on Paul Burgin [Mars Hill] to join us.