Tuesday, April 24, 2007


We have been celebrating the increasing geographical and political spread of our membership; it's my great pleasure to announce a new member who ticks both those boxes. Pommygranate is a Brit now based in Sydney, but he admits to experience on Wall Street as well. Indeed, he lost a friend and colleague in 9/11, the trigger for his interest in politics. He is Blogpower's second declared supporter of the Euston Manifesto. I hope it does not sound trite to follow those observations with a reference to his most recent post, detailing a series of recent Islamic terrorist incidents. A little further down, he suggests that England's national day should not be April 23 (which, at present, it isn't, anyway) but June 15, to commemorate the signing of Magna Carta; an event he argues we can all be justly proud of. Still further down the page, a long piece on the significance of ANZAC day stands out for its sympathy and insight, and quotes not only the moving last lines of a tribute to those who died at Gallipoli by Eric Bogle, but an equally touching epitaph from Kemal Ataturk. Pommygranate would adorn any blogroll, and we should be happy to count him among our own. Welcome aboard, Pommygranate!


james higham said...

I particularly welcome Pommygranate if his views are as divergent from mine as they seem because the only way to survival for Blogpower is its diversity, as far as I can see.

Go to it rightly and we'll be round to visit.

pommygranate said...

thanks Ian for your kind words.

i can only fail to live up to expectations after an introduction such as this!

james - are you sure our views are quite so divergent?

pommygranate said...

This post on 'Why I Support the euston Manifesto' may give you more idea of my views.

Lord Nazh said...

Id say you're views are very similar.

Pommy thinks the little people are more racist, but other than that very similar (j/k)