Saturday, April 21, 2007

Carnival of Cities

I am hosting the Carnival of Cities on April 30 and I thought it was an opportunity to showcase some of our good work. Many of us live or visit interesting urban environments and I have read many interesting articles on the Blogpower Blogs.

Carnival of Cities, like many internet schemes has many American participants. This is a chance to showcase some of our blogs to a different audience. You will see on the link, how to submit an article. In reality you are just providing the link. If you are interested, let me know this week ( I have to have it ready by next Sunday Australia Time, so that I can post on schedule. Thanks.

They are also looking for hosts, so if anyone is interested, there is a contact on their web page.


Anonymous said...

Yep you certainly do look your age!

james higham said...

Perhaps a bit more explanation, Colin. I'd like to do it but don't fully understand what's required.

Colin Campbell said...

I submitted an article a few weeks ago. You can either write a post or pick a post that is relevant and fill in the blanks in the form and provide a link, which will be included in the post that I develop. Not really very different from other roundups like your blogfocus. This way people provide the information to you. You may be interested in hosting James, since you obviously have a lot of free time. Click on the link and take a look.

james higham said...

...interested in hosting James...

You mean people hosting me, Colin? Flattering and thank you.

People obviously have a lot of free time? I'm not sure they do - in my particular case I'm scheduled down to 20 minutes in order to get it all done in one day.

Still, I'll certainly look at it this evening after work and hope others will too.

Colin Campbell said...

I was being sarcastic about your free time. It is very clear that you live an extremely busy life. Based on what I am seeing, the carnival format is easy to do, since you don't have to hunt around for material. It is emailed to you, with the code in place. All you have to do is to make it into an interesting post.

One of the benefits and charms of your roundup is it is your choice on what you find interesting that is presented.