Saturday, April 21, 2007

CalumCarr's Take on ... Whatever

And still they come: our most recent member is Calum Carr. I think Calum's arrival marks another important phase in the development of Blogpower; like our increasing geographical diversity, his centre/left take will help to balance the overall tilt to the right in our blogroll as it currently stands. Calum's latest post poses the question of whether we should club together to run an advert for Tim Ireland on Iain Dale's new service... The other point I take from Calum so far is further corroboration of the idea that - however misplaced - self-doubt and modesty about one's abilities make for a far pleasanter read than do bragging about the size of one's readership and the quantity (the quality be damned) of the comments they leave. We're fortunate that Blogpower members tend to err in the direction of the first flaw rather than the second. Welcome aboard, Calum!


CalumCarr said...


Thank you. I am really pleased to have joined Blogpower. I had noticed that the membership tilts to the right but I can live with walking lopsidedly!

Yes, self-doubt is one of my strongest traits - difficult to hide that - especially when one has so little to shout about!!!!!!

Re my latest post: a pinprick in the side of one of the right's biggest bloggers - not my first nor my last. Perhaps as I gain blog confidence I'll take the right on from the front but then ........

Ian, once more, thanks for the welcome.

james higham said...

Another excellent intro by Ian and may I add my own welcome, Calum.

Colin Campbell said...

Reading Callum's blog today, he has stopped blogging. Too bad. He had an interesting take on politics.

CalumCarr said...

Head back on.

Death call was premature.