Friday, November 21, 2008

If Anything Matters, Everything Matters ---- In Search of High Places

Meaning, meaning, meaning.

Have you ever driven into a parking lot and just cranked the wheel as far as it will go? Round and round you spin. You may have noticed at that point that even though you have the steering wheel pegged you never end up repeating the exact same circle twice? There's always a bit of drift—just enough to keep things interesting...

Okay, maybe not, but anyone who's been around here awhile knows where I'm going with this. Matt and I have been going round on the meaning of life since the very first (with the help of many others along the way). Indeed, we may well sound like broken records at times. Still there is this "drift," subtle shifts in the direction of the conversation and an unshakable feeling that there is more to be said—that it's still a conversation worth having. Or maybe that's just me? I don't know.

Starting back in July there was a rash of "meaning of life talk" that broke out. First here. Then here. From these two conversations two theories of meaning were purposed (well, more than that actually, but these were the only two that stayed in the discussion):

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