Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Empty Wessels --- Grendel

Thank you all for your kind comments in reply to my previous post. Mutley wondered whether I had been anywhere and actually no. Life had just carried on as normal just minus a few hours hunched in front of a monitor hoping that the muse of the blog would touch me with a piece of inspiration.

I have spent quite a bit of my time off blogging doing quite a bit of reading. Just revisiting a few of my favourite books that I hadn't read in years.

One such was Shirer's 'Rise and fall of the Third Reich'. If you don't know the work (which I'm sure you probably will) the title pretty much gives away the content. As I ploughed through the bit about the 1920's I came across the reference to Horst Wessel the SA street thug who, although killed like so many others on the streets of Germany at the time became posthumously famous for his marching song "Die Fahne hoch" which is also known as the 'Horst Wessel Lied'. The song which became the second German national anthem between 1933 and1945.

It occurred to me that I had never knowingly heard the piece so with nothing other than minor curiosity searched on YouTube to see if it was posted on there.

Of course this was a bit of a mistake. Still being a touch naive about the interweb I had of course forgotten that YOUTube is not a repository of fascinating audio and visual information posted for general interest but is rather a showcase for the bizarre and a vehicle for the self aggrandising.

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jmb said...

welcome back Grendel. Interesting post, despite the general topic.

James Higham said...

I see that, despite the incontrovertible evidence that JMB issued a false statement as to the goings on in December and June, and despite the recent exposure of one of the bloggers here as a porn site runner and troller, that Blogpower has decided to just ignore it and hope it all goes away.

A more honourable way would be for both of those people to depart. I wonder if blogpower will take the honourable route.

Moannie said...

Hallo: I clicked on your initials in the comments on Fi's blog because of the adorable Westie. We are owned by a West Highland Terrier named Milou and have been for the past six years during which he has taken over or lives.

Moannie said...

Sorry, actually it was Braveheart does the Mahgreb blog.

Colin Campbell said...

Not content with frontal assault on your own blog James you are now taking your snide little attacks to the Blogpower site.

These are matters for Blogpower members and any member is welcome to raise this in the appropriate forum.

The incontrovertible evidence is in your own imagination and it is very clear that there are many people who have different views of the events. Also you are the only person who I am aware of who has linked to the "porn site", which is in fact a spoof site with a very short time frame with a specific bizarre purpose associated with earlier events. It is not widely promoted. Other than your link, nobody would know about it. I am not sure that I would publish material like that on a blog, but one would have to be very prudish to not have come across similar material on the internet. It is also worth stating that it is individual blogs that are members of Blogpower. What people do in their free time outside those blogs is their own matter.

Thank you.

James Higham said...

snide little attacks

That's good coming from you, Colin.

The incontrovertible evidence is in your own imagination

The incontrovertible evidence was published on my site until I agreed, out of a sense of fair play and a gesture towards you, to withdraw it.

but incontrovertible it was and is. JMB colluded with Ian Grey to shut me out of BP in January and then went along with a lie within the mailing list as to that even happening.

As for the doings in June, do you really want me to publish about that, Colin? I'm sure you don't.

Even after all that, when that person came in and spammed me for four hours the other night and I showed the sphere his porn site, if you'd had any honour, you would have moved for his expulsion immediately, instead of pretending imagination.

Tehre is only one way to counter your lies, Colin and that is to publish it and link it again.

You need to think carefully about maintaining lies and cover ups because they come back and bite you, don't they?

What was it you have written in your status in your gmail/ "Bemused"?

James Higham said...

OK, you tell me how a group admin retians a member who has published something like Crushed by Insoc's porn site and puts up with the things he said there, let alone all the other ways he broke the BP rules?

Come on, where's your honour now, admins?

Colin Campbell said...

Threatening now eh James?

It is none of your business how Blogpower conducts its business. You are not a member. It is not my decision or that of any admin on who belongs in Blogpower. That is a decision of the members. You chose to leave. Admins have no more power to propose or approve membership changes than ordinary members.

Now but out and drop this matter.

As for bemused. Yes bemused at your behaviour. You said you were dropping this. Well do it. Drop this character assassination, threats and wild accusations.

This is a private dispute between you and Crushed by Ingsoc. I request that you deal with it privately and stop letting your ego drive your agenda here on this site.

Just stop. Stand by your word.