Thursday, September 04, 2008

Blogpower Members and Iain Dale's Lists

I might live in the boondocks but even I know who Iain Dale is and how "important/influential" he is with his lists of top blogs and how secretly everyone is tickled pink to be on them. These lists have been coming down lately and I found that some of our Blogpower members have featured very prominently in some of these lists. I'm sure the rest of you will join me in congratulating the following members:

Top 100 Right of Centre Blogs

21. Letters from a Tory
26. Capitalists@Work
41. Ellee Seymour
43. Matt Wardman
47. The Last Ditch
65. Newmania
71. Question That
72. Andrew Allison

Top 100 Left of Centre Blogs

19. Ordovicius
25. Bob Piper
31. Never Trust a Hippie

The Total Politics Top 100 UK Political Blogs

36. Letters from a Tory
37. Norfolk Blogger
52. Capitalists@Work
61. Ordovicius
72. Miss Wagstaff Presents
78. Bob Piper
87. Ellee Seymour
92. Matt Wardman
97. Never Trust a Hippie
100. Last Ditch

I just want to say that reading the lists made me rather crosseyed so please let me know of any errors or omissions. I know I should link your names to your blogs but frankly I am going to let everyone just use the BP blogroll in the sidebar.


Matt Wardman said...


Matt Wardman said...

It could be him snubbing the Conference...

Ian_QT said...

If Croydonian is a Blogpower member he is not on the blogroll?

jmb said...

Corrected Ian Q_T. Croydonian was a member and I was relying on my memory rather than checking each blog against the list.
To be honest we are not sure whether Bob Piper and Newmania are still members although they never officially resigned.
But I include them since they are still on the list.