Thursday, September 04, 2008

Application for Membership --- A Tangled Rope

We have a new application for membership from a blogger who is a little different from our usual applicant, namely David Hadley, who blogs at A Tangled Rope. Writer and poet, published in fact, he certainly could lift the tone of the group with his literary fragments, poetry and book reviews. I rather liked this cheeky quote by Kingsley Amis in his header: "If you can't annoy somebody, there's little point in writing." Of course, he doesn't mean us, does he?

Please take a look at A Tangled Rope and make your feelings known in the comment section here. Any objection will move the discussion and voting to the mailing list, with comments subsequently being closed here.


Ian_QT said...

Can't see any reason why not.

Matt M said...

Looks good. No objection from me.

Colin Campbell said...

I have no objection.

DeeJay said...

No objection here - he looks to be quite sane
Wonder why he wants to join? :-)

jmb said...

Indeed Deejay. :-)
I vote yes.

Liz voted yes in the mailing list. I mean he has a gorgeous lab on his sidebar and George needs a pal.

jmb said...

Yes votes on the mailing list from

Fake Consultant
Heather Yaxley
Matt Wardman on the post above, in error.

CalumCarr said...