Sunday, August 03, 2008

Witanagemot Awards -- How did Blogpower Members fare?

The results of the 2008 Witanagemot Club Political Blogging Awards have been announced and I saw several Blogpower members posted about their winning results on their blogs. Following a link I discovered that quite a few more had also received these accolades. So ladies and gentleman may I present the BP winners and placegetters:

Tom Paine of The Last Ditch won the Best Ex-pat political blog (by Brit outside the UK or non-Brit resident in the British Isles). Not only that but he scored the "bronze" in the Best Libertarian Blog.

Cityunslicker and his team at Capitalists@Work won "bronze" in the Best Economics Blog.

Letters from a Tory won the Best new blog (a new addition to the blogosphere in 2008) while taking second place as the Best Conservative Party supporting blog.

Norfolk Blogger
was the Best Liberal Democrat Party supporting blog.

Ordovicius won both the Best Welsh political blog and the Best Welsh nationalist blog, while placing second in the Best minor party blog (UKIP, nationalists, Green, BNP, etc.)

The Croydonian won the award for the Best Foreign Affairs (including Iraq and Afghan wars) Blog.

Bob Piper won in the Best Labour Party supporting blog category.

Matt Wardman of The Wardman Wire was in third place in the Best centre-ground blog.

Pippa of Miss Wagstaff Presents won the Best Cardiff Bay Gossip Blog.

Sadly Mutley did not win, or even place, in the category for which I know he was nominated by at least two people, the Blogger most deserving of a book deal. Better luck next year Muts.

Congratulations to all those who did win or place. A great achievement indeed and well deserved recognition for all your hard work.


mutleythedog said...

All good stuff.

But I am not surprised I dint win anything as I am sadly under appreciated. A Prophet is never recognised in his own country and whatnot...

Anonymous said...

Norfolk Blogger said...

Thanks for the award and to all who voted.

It would be good if someone who is technically able could provide a widget for people (winners !) to put on their blogs. It would then also be a good advert/plug for the Witanagemot club as it could be linkable.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Sorry, I meant to add that similarly I would be good if Blogpower was to do the same for the Blogpower awards (which must be soon surely ?)