Saturday, August 09, 2008

Blogpower Roundup Reminded

Just a quick reminder that the "How Does The World View The US Elections" edition of the Blogpower Roundup will be due midnight, Pacific Time, on the 20th, and we should be up and ready to read the 25th.

So get 'em in, don't be (too) late...and don't forget, this is also supposed to be fun--so don't be afraid to use humor as a tool.

I'm still away, bit I should be back just shortly and I'll be responding to all y'all then.


Ian_QT said...

I'm struggling with this: IMHO it's just too early - I don't think people in the UK haven't turned their attention to the US Presidential Race yet, apart from being aware of the Clinton/Obama battle. McCain/Obama hasn't really made much of an impact this side of the Atlantic. Maybe after the Olympics are over our media might start to switch on to it and people will start talking about it.

FWIW I think some of us are taking it almost for granted that Obama will win. Uh-uh. It's gonna be damn close once again.

Ian_QT said...

That should be "I don't think people in the UK have turned their attention to the US Presidential Race"