Friday, April 11, 2008

Globus Blogus

We have a new application for membership from a blog called Globus Blogus. He describes himself in his header as an addict; of fine wines, fine fillies and fine expletives. He does indeed seem rather fond of the f- word.

Please take a look at Globus Blogus and make your feelings known in the comment section here. Any objection will move the discussion and voting to the mailing list, with comments subsequently being closed here. The seventy two hour countdown begins at Friday 1800 UK time and ends Monday 1800 UK time.

Update: There has been an objection, the comments are now closed and the discussion moves to the mailing list.


Anonymous said...

I vote no on the grounds that this post

leaves such a bad taste in my mouth I want to bury my fist in his face.

Frankly anyone who posts such petty self-centred tripe should be steamrollered off the internet not encouraged.

Baht At

Globus said...

in defence of your remarks, we're all entitled to an opinion, after all. mine is that were the blog completely self-centred throughout, then i'd be inclined to agree with you. the post invoked comment and opinion though, which i'd say is a positive thing.