Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Martin David from Across the Water

We have a new application for membership in Blogpower from a relatively new blog in the blogosphere, Martin David from Across the Water, this young man being on the Isle of Man. However he has been around for the required three months, although not a frequent poster.

Please take a look at Martin David from Across the Water and make your feelings known in the comment section here. Any objection will move the discussion and voting to the mailing list, with comments subsequently being closed here.

The voting countdown will commence at 8 am GMT Thursday, Feb 21st.


Beaman said...

Visited this blog before and like it a lot. I recommend it.

Baht At said...

I have to groan at the thought of another islamophobe israeli supporting nutjob being on the blogroll but bring them on - the more they are the more the absurdity of their views is apparant to one and all.

The Go Mann said...

I've seen Martin's blog before - got to keep an eye on other Manx blogs :)

Beaman said...

That's why I recommend the blog. Just to give 'baht at' an ulcer. ;)

Baht At said...

won't give me an ulcer - but I might have to start wearing incontinence pads if all his posts are so stupid they make me piss my self laughing like this one:

ellenheartbeats said...

hello wanna thank you for dropplng by to my site"deep down the heart..."hope to hear from you again

Shades said...

The blg is fine, although hard to read for middle aged eyes & could do with more regular postings.

jmb said...

This was posted in the email list but since there has been no objection I'm copying it here.

Richard Havers wrote:

I like what he writes, in that it's well written.

Five posts since the first of January is not going to encourage a lot of traffic.

A style point. An average of 19 words per line in a small point size is not going to encourage readers. Especially given the density of the paragraphs.

I have no objections but he does need to address those two issues if he wants me to drop by regularly.


Louis said...

I'm not surprised Beaman liked this blog as it struck me as being incredibly similar in both content and tone. Are you sure you are not related :)

I have no objection to this blog being admitted as it is well written and intelligent (although lik VoB I disagree with the sentiments), but I do have a more general concern about Blogpower seeming to have a relatively high proportion of blogs that highlight the negative aspects of Islam.

Beaman said...

Louis: The same could be said of bloggers in Blogpower that highlight the negative aspects of the Labour Party. I've seen a number with derogatory comments about Christianity. As long as it's well thought out and with references to other sources, plus without racism or bigotry, then I don't see the problem.

Anonymous said...

More from Baht At posted at the list, but still not a no :

Clearly another neo-con apologist and his posts are very badly
researched (for someone supposedly interesting in history)

Have a laugh at the one on "Labour's Inheritance Tax" (labour weren't
around when Estate Duty was introduced in 1894) clearly the spawn of
rich parents somewhat annoyed he might not get all of their money.

Not a negative vote though I like having things to laugh at.

jmb said...

Words from Colin Campbell, moved from the list:

I agree with Richard, pretty dense visual impression, which I would
not be inclined to plough through. That said, he tackles interesting
issues. No particular objections, but I doubt that I would visit much.
There are so many conservative options in Blogpower.

jmb said...

Words from Crushed by Ingsoc , moved from the mailing list:

I vote yes.

My reasons are;
1. No reason to object, which in itself should always result as a yes vote.
2. Secondly, there is a lot of difference in writing posts for yourself, to writing posts people read and comment on. His is a little blog, which will certainly benefit from BP membership, and will grow accordingly. His posts will start become more responsive- I look back myself at the bland, stilted nature of my early posts and the fairly dull nature of the subject matter. A quick perusal tells me I don't agree particularly with much of the things he writes now, but I think the more he writes, the more he'll find his style, and an individual flourish. BP isn't just about cudos bloggers, it's about little bloggers, even embyonic ones. We should be flattered he sees BP as a place where blogs can grow.

Matt Wardman said...