Friday, January 04, 2008

Call for Nominations for Best Blog Post of 2007 by BP members

Well I am volunteering to do a collation post of the Best Blog Posts of 2007 in BP, one from each of the members, as I suggested before, idea lifted from Jon Swift who will get credit for it in the post.

So I am calling for nominations from each of you. What do you consider your best post of 2007? Send the URL and Title to me, along with your own little summary, one or two sentences long, at nobodyimportantATshawDOTca. It shouldn't take long for each of you. I'm sure you know just which one you felt most proud of and you can summarize it much better than I can. This also cuts down on my work.

The cut-off date will be January 10th, midnight GMT which will be Friday morning for me. I'll post it on DTB on the following weekend, either January 12th or 13th and hopefully we will all advertise it on our sites. So get to it people, I don't want to use the THREAT again. Remember that's me with a pin, picking any old post from your line-up. I'll post however many I get by the deadline but since it will be on DTB, let's make a really good showing.

Oh, submission on time is good, early is even better.


jmb said...

What was I thinking? It won't be Friday morning for me, it will be Thursday 4 pm. Perfect.

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

I have made two statements at my blog.

Phil A said...

Probably not necessarily going ahead now, but a bit of self publicity doesn’t normally go amiss…

If it were for 2008 I would nominate this.

For 2007 it would be a combination of this and this, both as they relate to the rush to legislation to force the use of so-called low energy bulbs of compact fluorescent (CF) bulbs.

It points up the (mostly ignored up to now) environmental threat these bulbs pose - and what as far as I can tell are the mistaken assumptions that the calculations of the energy appear to contain that mean the supposed energy saving may not be as much as expected.