Sunday, December 02, 2007

Blogpower Round-up No. 4

It seems I became the victim of success. Whether it was my begging, pleading or the THREAT, or whether it was the guilt card I can't say, but the nominations for the fourth round-up of BP kept rolling in, slowly but surely.

In the beginning it was easy to keep up with them, then more difficult but finally it was done. Or so I thought. Minutes after the deadline, I made one last check of the email system. Control freak that I am, I decided to look in the spam section ( 957 of them) which had never yielded anything before. What the heck? In amongst the chaff were two posts, both from days ago, with six more nominations. I hope I didn't miss anyone else amongst all the fabulous offers, but if I did, you will understand, I'm sure. Now just one more check. Oh no, an email seventeen minutes after the deadline with more new posts.

Now truly finished, may I recommend that, before you head over to see if your post is mentioned, grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea, or a gin and tonic if you'd rather, and put up your feet. Fifty posts are included, each accompanied by a nattering editorial comment. So it is rather long. If you nod off along the way, please make sure you check the last image for a treat. Enjoy! Thanks to every one who nominated posts. I'm going off to have a nervous breakdown.

NB: All the links work but Bob Piper's site has been down several times recently. Try again later if you don't succeed and don't call me at the help desk.

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