Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blogpower Round-up --- JMB plays the guilt card

To say I am underwhelmed by the nominations for BP round-up number 4 is putting it mildly. I am reduced to reading the over 800 spam messages in gmail in case a nominating email was hooked there by mistake. So far, a total of 3 nominating emails are in the inbox, with two of them from me.

So at this time I am begging, I'm pleading, I'm even reduced to threatening. More about that in a moment. Please, please, please, send some nominations of great BP posts to blogpowerroundupATgmailDOTcom and don't forget to include the correct URL for sure and name of the post and author would be good too. The deadline is Friday, November 30th, 5 pm London time. I know everyone likes to leave things to the last moment and I'm shivering in my boots, worrying that 60 will arrive exactly at that time and I will have a nervous breakdown. So earlier is better.

Now the threat. I think you need at least 20 to 30 posts for a good round-up so, if at the deadline the nominations are still lacking, I will randomly pick some BP blogs from the blogroll and the third post down on the index page will be included. I know you wouldn't want that so please send some nominations licketty-split. It could be an empty threat but you can't be sure now, can you?

I plan to post the round-up on Sunday December 2nd since Saturday, December 1st is Photo Hunt at my blog.


JRD168 said...

Bob Piper's response to the Labour fundraising row:


Lord James-River said...

Adore your threats, JMB - I come over all goosebumpy.

Newmania said...

Wasn`t I supposed to be joining ? I don`t now what to do ...he faltered lamely