Friday, November 16, 2007

Miss Wagstaff Presents

We have another prospective member for your consideration: Miss Wagstaff Presents "the One Wales Government in all its glory (or simply the lack of it)", thereby keeping the members of the Welsh Assembly under scrutiny. Please take a look, and make your feelings known. As always, the first objection will close comments, and further discussion and voting will take place via the mailing list. If you are one of the backsliders identified by Shades, then this would be a good time to sign up.


Lord Nazh© said...

Across the pond isn't my forte so I'll ask you guys.

Is this a representative of a political party and/or group?

jmb said...

Didn't we say that a blog had to be in existence for at least three months?

Unless I'm blind this one only has 10 posts in the month of November, so should apply again in three months.

Objection on that ground only.

Ian Appleby said...

Following JMB's objection the comments are closed. Further discussion in the list, please.