Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mailing list stragglers- updated

The following active blogpower Members have not yet joined the mailing list:

Havering On
Never trust a Hippy
Pub Philosopher
Tuscan Tony
Corporate Presenter
Critical Faculty Dojo
Russian Wolfhound
In search of high places
Morning Star
Norfolk Blogger
Conscious Earth
A Conservatives' Blog
Beamans' World
Bel is thinking
Tin Drummer
Ellee Seymour
Deeply Blasphemous

There are 52 active members on the mailing list (out of 65), plus Pommygranate (who is resting). That is 80%.

To join, see (Please make it clear which blog you are on joining, as it isn't always obvious from emails & Yahoo IDs.)


Liz said...

I just visited Mike Ion and I notice he shows no sign of having anything to do with Blogpower. Just mentioning it.

Baron Higham-West said...

Pub Philosopher and Cassilis surprise me.

Anonymous said...

Correct on Mike - also I didn't see him comment anywhere either... by the way that is a really dull photo of a postbox..

Lord Nazh© said...

Mike Ion still has no banner or roll. It has been plenty of time now to institute them both...

Ian Appleby said...

I've dropped Mike a line with the relevant HTML code. In his defence, he's commented at my place once, although I was having a pop at him, and he does show his face every now and then.

Lord Nazh© said...

Damn glad he visits you Ian, but that is not what we are referring to :) (and not part of the BP requirements)

Ian Appleby said...

Milord, I take your point about requirements, but I was really responding to Mutley.

Shades said...

Mutley- alternative image for your enjoyment. I thought dogs liked post boxes though!

Anonymous said...

I am not actually a dog Mr Appleby - anymore than you are an apple. I have had to turn off the little paper airplane as I keep banging my nose on the screen and barking at it!

I like BP and I like to hear from people... thats all.

Ian Appleby said...

And I'm not actually a Shade :) Mind you, I have been told I make a better door than window. Nothing contentious in your final paragraph that I can see.

Tuscan Tony said...