Sunday, October 28, 2007

I've moved!

Shades of Grey is now at

Any hosting provider that tells you they are One Click Wordpress installation ready are talking out of their firmament. One click to a donkey blog, maybe.

It was hard work but I'm happy with the results without becoming a Theme Obsessive.

Admins, please update your references where appropriate. The Blogger one will stay in situ- they are hosting 250 Meg of images there and I'd rather write new posts than spend my life re-homing the old ones.


Sir James Curmudgeon said...

Man in red - good luck!

Shades said...

If you are stillusing Firefox you can change it to blue under view/page style.

Sir James Curmudgeon said...

Ooh, that's lovely.

Bel said...

Bluehost comes as close to 'one click' wordpress as it is possible to get. It worked marvellously for me when I moved my blog.

Congratultions on the move. Will check out your new site.

Shades said...

I looked at Bluehost (as it is at the top of the Wordpress hosting list) but I felt that their terms and conditions were extremely biased in their favour. I went with AN Hosting (the next one down) whose terms seemed much more equitable. As it happened, they had a storage & bandwidth special on so I got a better deal. The install was pretty much one-click, once I worked out where to do it from in amongst the zillions of partially documented options. It was only version 2.2 though.